ORAC and the Crucial Facts You Have to Know When Considering Any Acai Product

In continuing our search for The Truth About Acai that others are unwilling to tell you, it has become obvious that with the tremendous publicity and popularity that Acai has gained recently, there is no lack of products that offer Acai in one form or another to the consumer.

Unfortunately in trying to meet this growing demand, many companies take advantage of an uninformed consumer in their questionable marketing and advertising practices. So, what are the Crucial Truths and Facts to consider when deciding upon an Acai product?

I would like to take a more in-depth look at the decision criteria I have previously shared with you.

I believe that these are necessary to know in order to make an informed decision that will result in piece of mind and satisfaction with the choice made.

Once these are understood, then you can take any Acai product, plug it into these criteria and as long as the product meets or even better yet exceeds all these parameters then an individual can feel comfortable and secure in making a decision to use that product.

In order to do this, it is first necessary to understand each one of these criteria individually.

The first is, Quality of The Product. To put it more simply, how can one know that what’s on the label is in fact in the bottle?

The primary reason Acai is as popular as it is, is because of the extremely high amounts of anti-oxidants it contains.

If there was a way to know for certain that one was receiving the proper amounts of anti-oxidant power in a product then that alone would go a long way toward providing peace of mind in the quality of that Acai product.

Another part of quality is the assurance of results or guarantee backing up the product and certainly the stability and integrity of the company that manufactures and markets the product as well.

The USDA, (United States Department of Agriculture) in its research on anti-oxidants and their effect on health improvement and slowing the aging process, has determined that an individual needs a minimum of 3,000-5,000 ORAC units in their daily nutrition.

ORAC stands for (Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity) this is a measurement that shows an anti-oxidants ability to fight and destroy free radicals. Free radicals are known to create and intensify the oxidation of cells which in turn can have many negative health impacts and adversely effect the aging process.

Unfortunately over 90% of the population do not receive these levels and sadly over 80% do not even receive as much as 20% of these minimum ORAC levels.

Unless a person is routinely eating an extraordinary diet along with proper exercise and an extremely healthy lifestyle and let’s face it how many of us fit into that category, we are not getting the consistent power of what the proper amount of anti-oxidants can do in the body.

Well at last, there is way to know whether any Acai product we buy in order to receive the power of anti-oxidants can actually live up to its claims.

In cooperation with the USDA an independent testing facility developed the ORAC measurement method. In fact, this lab has the only US patent on the procedure. Together, they started an ORAC certification program designed to authenticate the anti-oxidant abilities of any substance or product that is tested.

Simply put, if an Acai product has this ORAC Certification seal on the label then you can be assured that its anti-oxidant contents and abilities are real and proven.

Unfortunately, very few companies have had their Acai products put through this rigorous certification procedure. They prefer to rely upon fancy advertising, outrageous claims and just plain hype along with the fact that most consumers are uneducated in order to hawk their products.

So what is an inquiring Acai consumer to do?

Well, any Acai product that does not carry an ORAC certification seal on it should not be considered reliable and should be unworthy of consideration.

Trust me, this narrows the field down considerably to just a small handful of products.

As we continue to take a further in-depth look at these decision criteria we will find this product selection dissipates even further…

Howard Kotliar has spent considerable time and research in separating fact from fiction as it pertains to Acai and it’s abilities to enhance and supplement your daily nutrition. For more about The Crucial Truth of Acai that everyone needs to know when considering an Acai product visit http://www.TruthOfAcai.com. Howard may also be contacted at 951-760-8981.

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