Acai ORAC – What is it and Why is it So Important

In this article we are going to cover a crucial topic when it comes to Acai. Before you will be able to fully understand how valuable fruit Acai Berry is, I have to explain to you what is ORAC and how it affects you.

You probably have heard a lot about free radicals, antioxidants etc., but not so many people can honestly say they know what exactly is it all about. This is what I will try to do in this article, but don’t worry I will try to keep it as “not scientific” as possible for your ease of understanding.

Humans, just like almost all the other living creatures on earth need oxygen to live. However, while this radical is crucial for our living, it is very reactive and tends to interact with our bodies in destructive ways. It causes release of free radicals, which destroy our DNA, proteins and lipids.

This and oxygenation of these parts of our bodies leads to many illnesses, even cancer.

Our bodies resolve this significant problem by producing antioxidants, that act like free radical catchers.

This leads us to ORAC and what it is. Simply put it is a number of antioxidants in a given product, the higher it is the more beneficial such a food is for your health.

Thing you may find the most interesting is that by in taking enough ORAC units a day, you can slow down aging and all the side effects which come with it.

From preventing memory loss, increasing learning ability to better looking skin. All of these and more can be achieved if you will modify your diet to meet right criteria.

But, how much ORAC a day is enough?

According to USDA, your daily intake of ORAC should be 3000 to 5000 units. This should be relatively easy to achieve but when you will take a closer look at ORAC values for most popular fruits like banana and apple, you will see they are respectively 221 and 218.

This means you have to consume quite a lot of them to meet the daily standards.

Even when we will examine a super food like blue berry, we end up with 2400 ORAC value per serving. This is much more satisfying result, but still it leaves us with a 600 deficit.

Acai, answer to your problems…

That is exactly why Acai berry is attracting so much interest. It has a mind blowing ORAC value of 5400 per serving, which means you can fulfill your daily antioxidant requirements with one portion of Acai berry a day.

It gets even better if you know that dried Acai Berry powder has an ORAC score of 35,000 per 100 grams. This is the highest score ever noted.

This gives you the potential to fulfil your antioxidant needs with little or no effort on your part. And that answers the question why Acai berry is so popular.

Of course, even though Acai is super health, you have to remember it can’t replace a healthy diet rich in vegetables. However, Acai is a perfect addition if you want to improve your health and the way you feel.

If you would like to discover what Acai Berry can do for your health, how it affects your mind, body and well being, I invite you to my site where I share everything you would like to know about Acai Berry Health Benefits.

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