Electronic Accounts Spreadsheets Versus Manual Records

In today’s modern business world most of us are very used to using a fair amount of technology, often without even noticing it; computerised records have become the norm for most businesses, but using spreadsheets for bookkeeping is more than mere convenience; the use of electronic spreadsheets has many advantages when compared to old-fashioned manual systems.

 Once a spreadsheet template is set up it speeds up the processing time of business transactions


Time is money in business and having each transaction happen faster will save otherwise wasted time; money in bank.

Back-up and password protect spreadsheets


The safety of valuable business records is ensured with data back-ups and secures access.

Auto sum columns and rows


Automating calculations can save more than just more valuable time, it also ensures accuracy; human error can’t be completely done away with of course, but it can certainly be minimised.

Auto adjust for amendments


When an amendment has to be made to one figure in your books, it throws-out all the others; the painstaking job of re-calculating everything is saved with this automated function.

Email data directly to your accountant, bank and others


The convenience of getting the information instantly to those who need it is only equalled by the safety of keeping your sensitive data away from the perils of the postal system.


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