How To Repair Corrupt Access 2000 Database Post ‘35012’ Error

Microsoft Access database is a relational database management system, which comes wrapped in MS Office suite of applications. The various objects which constitute an Access database are tables, forms, queries, reports, macros, modules etc. If any of these database objects becomes corrupt or damaged, you might face serious issues with your Access database. In worst cases, each time you try and open an Access database you may get an error message and data will no longer remain accessible. Such situations call for immediate repair of the affected Access database using effective strategies. You can restore the data from an updated and clean backup. However, if a backup doesn’t work or you are unable to address the corruption issue, then you must grab a third-party Access database repair software.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you have an Access 2000 database containing customer’s information. One fine day, when you try and open the database, you might receive the following error message:

“Unexpected error 35012”

As a result of the error message, the whole Access database has gone beyond your reach. The situation worsens when you need to extract the information very urgently.

The above error message is a clear sign that the affected MS Access database contains one or more damaged objects. For instance, it might contain corrupt forms, reports or queries etc. The reasons behind corruption could vary and include abrupt system shutdown, improper exit from Access application, operating system corruption and others.

It is mandatory for you to consider the following Access database repair steps:

Create a new Access database
Go to File menu>Get External Data, and click Import. Now, import all the objects from the affected database into a newly-created database.
If you receive the above error message while importing a particular table or object, go back to Step 2 and start Import all over again. This time around be sure that you do not include the damaged object
You can restore the corrupt object from a backup and import it into the new database
In absence of a good backup, you must try a professional data recovery solution for Access repair.

Among the various software available for repairing corrupt Access databases, Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is the best and reliable one. The application performs Access database repair in an efficient yet safe manner and recovers various components including tables, macros, forms, reports, tables. You can use this software for databases created with the following versions: MS Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.

I am Laren Daniel research analyst and product reviewer, in research of Data recovery softwares to repair access file. Access database repair software provides complete repair of files.

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