HP Officejet 6000 Review

HP’s new Officejet 6000 colour inkjet uses a fascinating method of standing out in the current market simply by putting an emphasis upon eco-friendly operations. It claims 40 percent less colour use and also 40 percent reduced energy consumption than equivalent lasers, yet despite the fact that these things are tough to check with any kind of precision, it’s good to discover producers looking to try taking some additional care.

Environmentally conscious it might be, however it has to be said that the Officejet 6000 is not too easy on the eye initially, being somewhat ungainly and finished in a none-too-appealing black and light grey, with what seems to be a relatively restricted set of controls.

A needlessly long set-up process starts once the assortment of components has been unwrapped and attached, the procedure appearing to be particularly vulnerable to antivirus and also firewall software in our case.

The Officejet 6000 is a pretty basic device as well, plus while there’s an Ethernet port for connecting to a network, there’s no LCD or photo-oriented connectivity. Wireless can be obtained as an optionally available extra however HP really appears to have held things to the absolute minimum when it comes to including a number of the helpful additional features found on numerous rivals’ products.

As soon as HP’s Solution Centre software has been set you’ll see a rather messy-looking interface appear, to report present ink levels and also enable you to change default print options as well as customise a range of ‘print shortcuts’.

Thankfully, when the printer is up and running there are some better things to say, beginning with the amply sized 250-sheet paper tray. We printed off some plain text documents and observed an outstanding speed of one minute for ten sheets (including warm-up) at default quality, that falls to just above 30 seconds at fast draft setting. Quality here’s excellent as well, with sharp, clear lettering that keeps its clarity even at greater printing rates of speed.

A full-sized borderless A4 photograph appeared in two and a half minutes on the best quality settings, with 6 x 4-inch prints available within a minute.

At standard quality, full colour A4 prints appear in slightly more than 20 seconds and even though colour precision and sharpness can be affected a bit, we were nevertheless really impressed at this level, and would think the quality here to be acceptable for the majority of users.

The only real concern we had with the printing process was that the 6000 appears to dedicate an excessive period of time shifting HP Officejet 6000 ink cartridges back and forth between tasks, and that is noisy and can be irritating, causing some delays in running multiple small jobs.

There’s little to criticise in terms of speed as well as quality with the Officejet 6000, but there’s a great deal of competition as well as several cheaply priced competition within this market. Though HP edges out some of them in these crucial areas, there is not a great deal in it and the lack of features and other issues referred to above might put a number of people off.

Taking all this under consideration we were left a little dissatisfied by the over-all showing, although definitely able it doesn’t really do enough to stay ahead of everyone else.

The HP Officejet 6000 is a respectable enough printer having good green qualifications that can offer you high-quality prints quickly. It might possibly be best suited to home office or even small business use, even though regardless of its strengths there isn’t really sufficient going for it in terms of design or extra features for us to offer a strong recommendation.

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