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2007 by the industry as the “HD Era”, HD

LCD TV Is accompanied Olympics Will be approaching, there has been increasing demand. Adhering to the “

Big screen High-quality “product development philosophy, Sony BRAVIA starting on December 13, released in the Chinese market upgrade V300A Series LCD TV Model: BRAVIA HD 1080V380A series?? 40-inch KLV-40V380A and 46-inch KLV-46V380A . HD 1080

LCD panel Combined with 10-bit LCD panel driver technology, the launch is dedicated to the user to create high-definition

Audiovisual Entertainment experience. In addition, the product line of unique silver design, more space for the elegant fusion of modern style home.

“To create the best quality” is Sony’s goal of consistent product development, Sony BRAVIA LCD TV since its birth, the color of its outstanding performance capabilities will be

Consumption By the unanimous praise. The new series of new products for sale V380A requirements of the same color on the screen demanding that it continue to use Sony’s proprietary WCG-CCFL back light color Yan

Light source Technology to improve product color reproduction capability, the technology has

China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) LCD TV Product category evaluation of up to 38% color gamut coverage of the access authority of the department approval. In addition BRAVIAENGINE

Image Processing Engine technology effectively enhance the image contrast, color transition to a more smooth and delicate, so the image can be more clearly presented.

Sony V380 Series LCD TV Sony BRAVIA reference SonyPictures the “CinemaMode

Film Mode “in the V380 series application, can effectively simulate the movie quality footage texture images, resulting in more vivid details of the results. Combined with S-ForceFrontSurround front virtual surround sound system, this high-quality audio surround technology only through two

Speaker Able to provide a multi-channel virtual surround sound, enrich the sense of the level of sound quality and sense of space, bringing a higher purity of sound effects. In addition, the user operation for Sony

Home Theater Equipment convenience considerations, V380A used BRAVIATheatreSync theater sync feature, you can complete a key to open Sony home theater equipment, so that users easily enjoy high-quality audio and video entertainment

Life . Addition, BRAVIAV380A series of new products also have three HDMI interface and a

Computer Interfaces in different locations, to facilitate users to connect a variety of audio and video equipment Sony. Also possess a single V380A

Tuner Dual screen, light sensors – backlight automatically adjust Image freeze and other personalized features design, create a relaxed and comfortable for users to enjoy audio-visual entertainment.

BRAVAIAV Series LCD TV has been cutting-edge technology with innovative applications of Sony has won the trust and recognition of domestic consumers. National Day Golden Week V300A’s hot, has once again proven Sony V Series LCD TV classic status in the eyes of consumers, I believe HD 1080 series of LCD TV BRAVIAV380A listed, will in the upcoming Spring Festival, is confidence V series, while pursue

Multimedia Full HD audio-visual entertainment in a whole new selection.

Listed Model: KLV-46V380A Listed Time: December 14, 2007 Listing price: 18,357 yuan Listed Model: KLV-40V380A Listed Time: December 14, 2007 Listing price: 14,275 yuan I want to comment

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