Stratum 1 NTP Server With GPS Support

Stratum 1 NTP servers are devices that are not directly connected to the reference clock but use the help of GPS network or some radio transmission to get the UTC time from these reference clocks.

Though installing these servers is not a big ask, however it requires some simple steps to be followed. Here is a brief overview of those steps that you need to follow to install an NTP server on to a networked system. These servers are normally supplied as standard nineteen inch mountable network devices that need nineteen inch server racks for storing them in. Since these are stratum 1 devices they rely on other mechanisms and devices to get the reference time.

Your server installation depends on this type of devices your server uses to get the accurate reference time. There are various external references available and these options vary with the regional location of your server installation.

Global Positioning System is one of the popular external timing references that is cost effective. The main advantage of using this reference is that they are available all over the world and also provide accurate timing. A typical GPS based NTP server can synchronize to within microseconds of the UTC time. The main disadvantage of these GPS systems is that, these systems require a roof mounted antenna fitted in your roof with a clear view of the sky. The distance between the GPS antenna and the NTP server is governed by the quality of the Coax cable and with very high quality coax like LMR200 the distance can be around 200 meters. Some GPS systems also require a GPS amplifier as these signals tend to lose power and thus affect the synchronization process. Additionally you also need to install some surge suppressor to the antenna as your antenna can be damaged by lightening strikes otherwise.

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