Finding A Dicom Router For Imaging Centers

With the advent of digital medical imaging, all types of hospitals and imaging centers now have the means to dramatically increase the number of studies that they can produce.  However, with all that digital data comes the need, now more than ever, to keep the studies flowing smoothly throughout the system.  You need a way that referring physicians can send in their digital x-rays, that a wide variety of modalities can be accommodated, that the studies can be sent to the appropriate clinical imaging workstations and that the front office can have access to digital data from the system as needed.  The piece of equipment designed for this huge task is a dicom router.  

A router for digital imaging systems is a crucial component; without it, your office workflow is slowed or comes crashing to a halt.  A huge amount of information has to not only go through the router, but then the router needs the capacity to send and receive digital medical images and files quickly and efficiently.

There are a couple of popular routers that are in use at hospitals and imaging centers today.  The ImageGrid PACS is an appliance that can function as an effective router.  When you are working in a network, your router needs to be able to keep everyone’s work segregated, and the ImageGrid is well equipped to do so, in order that several doctors or locations can all use the same ImageGrid PACS appliance simultaneously, thereby saving you money.

Another router you will want to consider is the iMed Stor 300.  It functions as a digital archive for all of your DICOM-format digital data, and also can be used as a web-based viewer, so that authorized personnel can access the system online even when they are not at the home office.  The router, which can be used either automated or manually, can also be used in conjunction with any PACS system, adding even more useful features to this already powerful unit.  It can be set up with a modality worklist, and will function well with digital images from CT, PET/CT, MRI, CR, DR, Ultrasound as well as Digital Mammography modalities.  Ample storage space is available with its one to four terabytes offered in RAID 5 configuration.  

If you visit a medical imaging distributor’s website, here you will find more information about these and other products used in medical offices and hospitals every day to ensure that patient care is well executed and that the many bits of digital data produced is managed and stored appropriately.

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