Linux VPS – Things You Should Know About

Linux VPS has been increasingly chosen as a hosting plan over the basic hosting services that have been available so far in the market. Shared hosting and dedicated servers are the two main options that had been available to users till now. Dedicated servers involve a large amount of investment as well as a lot of equipment. The equipment would definitely not be easy to manage and you would need a dedicated resource to handle the server for you. Shared hosting on the other hand is very easy to handle but it does not offer the same benefits as dedicated servers. VPS lies in the middle and around 90% of all websites would be able to accommodate a VPS plan in their needs. With only a few changes it is possible to optimize the server. It is quite powerful and yet does not cost as much as dedicated servers.  

Buy the right plan

Those who are planning to invest in Linux VPS should first ensure that they invest in the right plan. Do not go for a plan which has just 192 MB memory or RAM. With the system itself requiring as much as 150MB, there would not be much left for running your applications. You would need enough memory to use cPanel or WHM. These are very necessary since it would make it easier for you to manage the server.  

Security is important

Linux VPS would not be a server that is centrally managed where the hosting company would take care of server security. Security is something that you would have to think about yourself. There are quite a lot of guides and tutorials available online that you can refer to in order to make your server secure. You can also rely on experts to handle your security. The best thing to do if you are not an expert on security is to go for managed hosting rather than the unmanaged one.  

A cost effective solution

When you compare the cost of all the hosting services and compare it against the benefits that they offer, VPS would be the most cost effective solution that you would find. With dedicated server, the initial investment itself would be very high and you would have overhead for each slice of server along with RAM, the parent system overhead for managing the physical server. Shared servers would not be very expensive but again, they do not offer the same flexibility and advantages that VPS does so it might not be a good option for you.  

VPS is a customizable option, as much as a dedicated server is since it runs on its own distribution. Using root access you can do just about anything you want with your Linux VPS which is a major advantage.

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