T-Mobile Compact V Review – The Compact V From HTC

The penchant for cutting edge technology elegantly blended up with style is satisfied when one gets to have a look at all new T-Mobile Compact V. This awesome T-Mobile branded handset is manufactured by HTC.

The black colored Compact V with its shiny appearance can set anybody ablaze. This contemporary handset comes equipped with all modern digital requirements and its looks enhance your style statement with its elegance. The ultra-gorgeous looks and excellent portability of this phone makes it a perfect choice for anyone. The functionalities and other features of this phone are also worth mentioning.

The new T-Mobile Compact V touch phone has come up with better build then its ancestors with the finger prints prone shiny surface taken over by a matt surface. The extended and large beautiful TFT LCD screen at 3.2 inches is an excellent thing. This touch sensitive screen offers a resolution of 800X480 pixels. It acquits itself as per the display requirement and the picture quality is sharp and bright. The sensors are efficient enough to keep a sync between selecting icons and while you are gliding in between the different options. The screen is quite vulnerable so it is better to keep it in cover.

The larger screen of this phone as compared to its predecessors has brought along with it a slightly bigger body to encase it. The front panel of the phone is mostly taken up by the LCD and the call and start-stop buttons have taken place in a line below it. A zoom bar is also provided here to enlarge the pictures while enjoying them at this large screen. This new HTC phone has got a sturdier look with the metal edging near the camera lens slot. The side of the phone contains an USB pot for interfacing, speaker slots and some space for stylus.

This Compact V boasts about its 5 mega pixel camera which comes with a maximum resolution of 2592 X 1552. The camera quality had been incredibly improved and it provides you some of the vibrant features like panorama view, self-timer and photo editing options. Another feature available to you is the much needed internet connection. This phone uses opera as its default browser. It provides you high surfing speed and you can stay connected to your work and friends through it. The new ‘Push Internet’ feature of this phones aims at taking time off loading your favorite websites by loading them in advance as stated by you.

It also provides you office mobile which is a package like word, excel and PowerPoint to do up your work while you are on a go. The luxurious screen of T-Mobile Compact V can play all types of videos in any format with perfection. The ten-bad equalizer for the music player gives you an opportunity to customize it as per your taste. The built-in GPS system can take you anywhere on the globe. With all its new widgets and features, this phone is a perfect buy for all ages of users.

The T-Mobile Compact 5 has now been joined by the new HTC Hero also from the manufacturer, for more detailed information please see our website – Phones Limited.

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