Traditional Phone Systems V Business Voip

When it comes to phone systems in business, VoIP is taking over. There are still many people who are making use of traditional business phone systems, but that is mainly due to the fact that they haven’t been introduced to the future. Yes, traditional systems do work and they are reliable, but whatever your traditional phone systems can give, you can match and do better. To show you the differences between these two rivals, we have compiled some helpful information regarding the most important aspects of having a telephone system.


From the start, you will already notice the difference between the two. Traditional systems require an intense setup, with lines run to each extension so that they can be connected to the main switchboard. On top of this, these systems are costly and the bigger the requirements are, the higher the costs become. VoIP systems on the other hand only require a PC, analog telephone adaptor (ATA) and an internet connection. Therefore your setup costs are minimal and the disruption for installation is minimised once you have purchased or rented the equipment you need.


Another major drawcard is the fact that VoIP calls are ridiculously cheaper than those made on traditional systems. The costs of calling long and short differences are also not a concern, as VoIP utilises the internet to transport audio from one end to the other, no middleman is needed.


Your standard system is cemented in your office, meaning that you can only utilise it for calls while you are at your desk. VoIP can be used anywhere in the world where there is a PC or laptop with the capabilities.

Tax purposes:

Tax on VoIP systems is less than that imposed on standard ones. Normal billing carries a number of taxes and surcharges while VoIP has no charges aside from the Federal Excise Tax. Now that in itself is already a big incentive to start using this technology.

Now, of course, there are some areas where traditional systems would win the fight, but on a whole, business VoIP systems provide real value for money and complete convenience for any business owner. Millions of people have already seen the difference in changing to VoIP systems, as it definitely helps to save on costs no matter the size of your business or the location. To make sure that you are getting the best deal around, chat to a variety of top VoIP providers and move into the new age.

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