Intimus PacMaster S 220v Cardboard Shredder Review

Ever wish you could do something productive with all those unused cardboard boxes going into the recycling? Well now you can. With the Intimus PacMaster, old cardboard boxes can be turned into new packing material. You’ll save money on packing items and still stay green by reusing the boxes, making this machine both economical and environmentally friendly. Let’s take a closer look at the PacMaster S Cardboard Shredder.


This device is very easy to use. A lockable main switch with a removable safety key turns on the main power supply and also acts as an emergency stop. An easily controlled rotary knob controls on, off, and reverse functions.
Have a box that is just a little too wide? A built in cutter trims off any piece wider than the opening. A ruler on the front offers exact measuring to slice the items into standard sizes or to the specifications of your choice. You can choose the exact size you need to cut to protect fragile items. A sheet of cardboard can be trimmed and perforated all together in one pass.
As with many Intimus shredders, the cutting cylinders are covered by a five year warranty. Parts and labor carry warranty coverage for one year. You can rest assured that you’re getting a high quality machine.
A wide 16-3/4 inch opening accepts two pieces of 2-ply cardboard at one time through the ¾ inch high feed slot. The cutting shafts turn the corrugated pieces into grid cut packing material. Newspaper or non-confidential computer printouts as well as regular paper can also be shred into filler material for shipping. Boxes are shred at 35 feet per minute. Your recycling stack can quickly be turned into large amounts of volume filler material for transporting even the most fragile items.
An optional vacuuming kit offers a convenient way to clean up the mess created by this machine.


This shredder weighs about 309 pounds when empty. If it weren’t for the casters mounted on the bottom, it would be bulky and awkward to move around a large warehouse. Fortunately, the casters offer added mobility. They also lock in place to keep the machine from rolling around during use. We think weight won’t be much of an issue for most users.
A machine like this will create a fair amount of dust from all the shredded cardboard. While this isn’t a huge problem, we suggest getting the optional vacuuming kit to aid in the cleanup that will be needed.
One last thing that would be nice on this machine is the option to make little pieces instead of only thick packing mats. However, depending on the number of sheets they can shred at once, this can be done with many regular shredders.

For the efficient and economical disposal of cardboard into useful material, the PacMaster is ideal. Able to quickly shred 2 pieces of cardboard at once into your preferred size, this shredder offers the convenience of taking materials you already have on hand and turning them into something you once paid for. We think the PacMaster is the perfect system for any manufacturing or industrial business.

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