The Importance Of Pacs And Integrating The Pacs With Emr

PACS or Picture archiving and communication system is the most hi-tech happening of the healthcare industry. PACS is a complete solution for all the collection, storage, scheduling and organization of diagnostic images and other patient demographics in a centralized system. It allows the storage of digital formats of images and makes it available for reviews at anytime and anywhere in the hospital. This state-of-the-art technology allows easy access to the diagnostic images as well as easy sharing of the images for improved diagnosis and speedy treatment leading to immediate recovery of the patient.
The Radiology Information System (RIS) which includes the PACS and DICOM (Digital imaging and Communications in Medicine)
Enables capturing and storing digital images to assist in assessment of pre and post treatment
The patients electronic medical chart can hold all the CT Scans, MRI sequences, fluorescent angiography and Fundus camera shots.
Link directly to any digital camera or the latest equipment or scanners and retrieves images directly into the EMR or alternatively a separate imaging area
Incoming correspondence can be managed also with support for scanning of received letters into patient files
Full integration with eye testing machines such as Medmont, Humphrey and Topcon
Can be integrated with any remote medical transcriptions services platform
This PACS system reduces or in the near future will eliminate the need of the expensive films and the toxic chemicals that are used to develop those films. These are the major advantages of PACS since they will reduce the cost of imaging and on the long run it will reduce the burden of the patient and the insurance company in terms of cost. The imaging module integrates directly with the EMR, with a filmstrip showing the physician a selection of images. These can be viewed as single or multiples at a time.
Radiology Information System with PACS and DICOM pave an entirely new path to the healthcare industry with the advancements of Information Technology. Using it in the right way will also take healthcare to a new dimension which no one would have imagined before.

EMR Integration, INTEGRATING EMR with PACS System

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