What Is The Difference Between Ehr And Emr Software?

The terms EHR (electronic health record) and EMR (electronic medical record) are often used interchangeably but the truth is that these two systems have different purposes. The EMR is the patient record created in hospitals and clinics and it contains the data used by the EHR. On the other hand, an EHR provides the system that enables different health care settings to access patient data maintained by different institutions. An EMR is used locally while an ehr software enables institutions to share patient record thereby allowing physicians to make medical decisions more effectively. Moreover, an EHR can be accessed by researchers and use data they gather in creating new technology for medical purposes.

With an ehr software, offices no longer have to worry about paper records since everything can be compiled online. Nationally, estimates show that Medicare can save as much as $ 23 billion annually while private institutions can save around $ 31 billion in their operational costs. Aside from the savings, reporting to national agencies has also become easier with an EHR. Now, any organization who wishes to see how a health care institution performs can pull the records in just a few minutes.

Aside from the reduction of costs, ehr software will also improve the provision of health care service. Now patients no longer have to fill up a form before they can receive medical service. With an HER, all they need to do is to present their ID and the medical institution can get their patient information from basic data such as age, weight and height to more comprehensive information such as lab results, radiology images, immunizations received and many others!

Also, EHR reduces medical errors since physicians and other medical personnel can easily access a patients medical history, as well as medications received and allergies, thereby allowing them to make a more accurate decision as to which kinds of medical treatments they will prescribe. Most EHR systems also have a Computer Physician Order Entry which lists the instructions provided by physicians when they prescribe drugs this means that another physician can look at the record and implement the same dosage without worrying about its side effects.

Acrendo Medical Software has been in the electronic medical records software or more commonly known as emrsoftware since 1999.

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