Nokia 6600classic Exposure Singled Moto V8

Although there is no such Sony Ericsson So fierce offensive, but as the industry leader in

Nokia In the recent performance is quite eye-catching can be described. In addition to the E series are Hot

Mobile E51 launched a non- Shot Version, it is also in the remarkable global

Mobile General Assembly (Mobile World Congress 2008) have 16GB on launch, including mass

Memory When the N96, including four S60 phone. Moreover, in order to maintain lead in all-round. Nokia is also in the future new development go hand in hand with a strategy, not only in the second quarter to support operation of the S60 touch phone and continue to expand E Series

Business Mobile phones, but also in the field of fashion phones is coming soon be exposed against

Motorola Ultra-thin RAZR V8 mobile phone 6600Classic news.

The picture shows the Nokia N76

Although the news of Nokia’s upcoming 6600Classic only rumors on the Internet, but the current situation, it seems that credibility is still relatively high. All along, especially in the field of ultra-thin flip phones flip phones, Nokia has been making unremitting efforts and attempts. Including the Nokia 6131 and N76 before the products even though there have been no small cause of concern, but not ideal, and design work is not consistent with

Public Taste in selling cold. Once-in particular, ultra-thin mobile phone N76 N Series is Nokia’s quality doors nearly triggered the event. The emergence of this 6600Classic is displayed has begun to contest the Nokia smart phones battlefield evolution of new mobile phones for the fashion race. Although we are far from clear how this will be the Legend of 6600Classic emerged, but the slim Nokia 6500Classic features and design process, the new birth 6600Classic may be the same with an unusual

Make Technology and metal thin design to attract people’s attention. Unfortunately, there are no machine-related technical parameters were leaked.

The picture shows the Nokia E51

no mirror version Relatively 6600Classic emptiness and ethereal, Nokia E51 E Series Teng jumped back into the introduction for the non-mirror version is perhaps even more worth seeing. As a major enterprise-level business users, the main emphasis in the design

Electronic Mail and Network Browsing the E series handsets though is taking fashion line, but that does not mean give up the true nature of its business phone machine. The advent of non-mirror version of the Nokia E51 is obviously for the protection of customers

Business Secrets of the needs of design and product launch for the E series camera-free version of the Nokia is not the first time. Products such as the Nokia E50 machine predecessors have issued a cancellation before a camera version, can be said that no mirror version of the E51 is actually the appearance of a continuation of past patterns. Of course, apart from abolishing the back of the phone 200 megapixel camera, the Nokia E51 simplified version of the other major functional specifications and no change in the past. Such as a 12 mm slim body and is equipped with 2.0-inch QVGA (240 × 320 pixels) resolution 16 million color TFT screens.

The picture shows the Nokia E51

no mirror version In addition, non-mirror version of the Nokia E51 in addition to ultra-thin design, the still soft, the hardware specifications on a significant improvement and upgrading. Equipped with a Symbian9.2

Operating system And S60 third edition FP1

Software Platform, built-in 369MHz of AMR11

Processor With 50MB operating memory, and can help micro-SDHC

Storage Card expansion to 4GB maximum capacity, and also provides WLAN (IEEE 802.11g)

Wireless LAN

Function to support another leap forward in overall performance, a major step. Of course, the most attractive of all eye lens version of the E51 also includes free pricing, it is learned, the opportunities for cheaper than the regular version of the E51 100. Cancellation of a mediocre camera can not only exchange for a more affordable price, also allow users to successfully use the phone can not take photographs occasions, can be said to serve multiple purposes.

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