HP IPAQ 111 Plus Review


Overall, this PDA is good. It is reliable, wireless capabilities are excellent, long battery life, USB 2.0 connection, and the screen is bright. It includes a microphone, rear speaker and a 3.5 headphone jack. It takes a long time to learn how to synchronize via wireless or cable connection from the windows mobile application. Bluetooth capabilities are fantastic. If the area you are in does not have a WiFi hotspot, you can connect your HP iPAQ 111 to the Bluetooth and get instant access. If you have a cell phone, you can share ringtones, pictures and other files. It is always nice to share files and browse files whenever you want.


The greatest limitation on the HP iPAQ 111 is its limited RAM. While more onboard storage in flash options would have been nice, the ability to used use an SD or SDHC makes that one moot. Volume controls are a bit granular; the sound, through headphones is either too loud or too soft.

The keyboard on this PDA is too small and you have to use the stylus to type. It is very hard to type keys at a time and it takes time to get use to. This PDA should have had a Bluetooth keyboard for easier use.

HP iPAQ 111 Key Features:

*Windows Mobile 6.0

*WiFi Friendly

*Edit Word Documents

*Decent desktop to handheld calendar synchronization.

*624 MHz processor; 256 Flash ROM; 64 MB RAM

Pros and Cons of HP iPAQ 111:


*624 MHz processor is very fast

*Excellent, top of the line Bluetooth, capabilities.

*Long battery life

*Well supported by HP

*Automatic brightness adjustments


*Not suited to multi-tasking; running more than one application at a time is a serious performance hog.

*The screen has pixels that are so small as to be unreadable for some

*If you hands are oily or sweaty, the PDA will be smudged

*Speaker is located at the back of the PDA; the sound is not very pleasant

*Volume control is a disaster.

The PDA market is dying out, and the HP iPAQ 111 is one of the last real PDAs out there that hasn’t been morphed into a smart phone. It’s got a three year old user interface, and while the hardware has been updated, it’s still trying to be too much of a computer on too weak of a CPU. If you already use an iPAQ, this is a worthwhile model to pick up; at some point, this kind of device will be entirely driven by cell phones and mobile internet devices.

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