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Not only is the international IT industry has enthusiastically participated in the concept, began to take root in China. China’s server market through long-term tracking studies, and the close attention of cloud computing, to consider various factors, we believe cloud computing will be in China’s vast market space, but only if market participants have more input to the cloud operations were calculated.

Cloud computing is an innovation business models. From a technical point of view, cloud computing consists of a series combination of new technology. It consists of distributed computing, grid computing and other technology developed from, and integration of the hotspot in recent years, technologies such as Virtualization, Web2.0 and so on. In essence, cloud computing is actually a server virtualization technology and infrastructure that the combination of services, supplemented by other technologies. Its core is one or several data center virtualization of computing resources, the lease to provide users with computing resources in the form of services. This service is available computing resources on business model innovation.

Cloud computing business in the Chinese market has great development potential. At present, the development of cloud computing business has also proven that. In early 2008, IBM and Wuxi municipal government established a cloud computing center in Wuxi Software Park to start the cloud computing business applications in China. This shows that a growing number of IT suppliers will be China, as the cloud computing business development hot spots.

Through the cloud computing industry chain in-depth analysis, I believe that cloud computing impact on key areas, including end users, suppliers (including hardware manufacturers and cloud computing solutions provider) and the cloud computing business operations organization.

In the end-users, China has the world’s largest number of SMEs, which the business is with China’s rapid economic growth and rapid development. Is in a growth period for SMEs, the establishment of their investment with lower return on investment Computing Center, and is difficult to match the rapid growth of the business. The cloud computing model is just the rental for these SMEs to provide a suitable solution. Meanwhile, China will host in the next few years, the World Expo, the Asian Games and a series of major events, you can borrow cloud computing model to provide scalable IT infrastructure, and further cost savings. Cloud computing for more efficient use of computing resources, but also to save energy consumption in a “green IT” technology, one of the representatives, which in turn with the Chinese Government “energy saving” policy line. Therefore, the Chinese market, the end-user demand for cloud computing will become a high-speed development in the next few years, the cornerstone.

IT suppliers from the point of view, many of the servers, storage hardware vendor and platform software companies are looking to cloud computing platform to promote their products to the development of SMEs and their IT environment, locking in their platform on to the development of these enterprises to a certain level to get more market opportunities. Therefore, IT supplier for the cloud computing market, particularly China’s cloud computing market has been very enthusiastic.

Cloud computing operators is currently the cloud computing industry chain, the weakest link. Government and its subordinate enterprises and institutions is the main cloud computing operations, primarily to public computing. This government-led operation by the mode of business development in the early stages of cloud computing as a major mode. More types of cloud computing domestic carrier development, which will help the development of China’s cloud computing market, the decisive factor. Telecommunications operators, large Internet companies have become potential carriers of cloud computing. These companies have large data centers, data centers are not all of these 7 24 hours full load operation. The data center computing resources can be packaged into cloud computing idle virtual machine for users. This kind of computing resources for further development of these enterprises will become the new profit point.

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