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HC Network Security We see a lot of CIO, “Privacy” feeling, just as some people think of exercise: can not help but sigh, and feel Disaster Coming. For some industries, such as health-care business – the patient’s privacy is the most important, but apart from these Legislation Clearly outside the norms of the industry, privacy issues on the CIO, the only security being Damage When the inevitable result, for example, millions of people lost a record store a notebook computer, or is Hacker Invasion of stealing customer data.

“CIO usually do not care privacy issues.” Large-scale international Market Research firm Survey SamplingInternational (SSI) of the former CIO cum Privacy Officer PeterMilla say so. Milla said that most of the CIO or else to pay attention only to Technology , Or else recognize that privacy is not within the scope of their duties, but the Privacy Officer or the safety director’s responsibility. He found that both attitudes are wrong.

Milla added, with the Enterprise Gradually raise the level of the figures, he said the reasons for this statement will become increasingly evident. Web2.0 applications, such as Legos, businesses have the opportunity to make an astounding amount of information collected. In the social network and blog, posted a good number of people, but also about their own data. Meanwhile, business people are still continue to develop more powerful tools to dig out everyone on the network to do something. Business is as usual does not accidentally leak sensitive information to business partners. When companies start using cloud computing (cloudcomputing), they will put their data submitted to the hands of service providers. These trends, so that we can never before to insight into human behavior, and develop new business models. But they also had a right to privacy related issues, and these issues and no clear answer.

Milla said that his recent efforts to change the request of a hypermarket retailer, the retailer for its own sake, I hope to achieve Milla company survey respondents information. Milla think that the attitude of big box retailers is not right. Companies that they collected information is theirs. Milla said it was wrong, but his statement correct?

Real core of the problem may be that CIO was incredible. 10 years ago, when the SUM company CEOScottMcNealy to tell you the: “Privacy no longer such a thing was. Accept the fact it.” Facebook people will discuss their use of antidepressants above things, or put themselves in the YouTube above film and a violation of work discipline. Young people is through mobile phones to send their indecent photographs.

“But people will be required to remove the photo or video social networking sites.” DeirdreMulligan said, he is a lawyer and former law professor, University of California at Berkeley, is now an assistant professor of School of Information. Network of personal and community services for GoogleMap street shooting (StreetView) display information the way the streets are timid. Meanwhile, in 2008 HarrisInteractive the survey, 60% of Americans for network “mode for the personal use of customized Web content” uncomfortable. Privacy

may not all dead. Fenwick & West’s partner and the company’s privacy and security department chairman MichaelBlum said that privacy issues should be within the jurisdiction of the various trigger alert CIO, CIO need to protect trade secrets, to prevent security breaches, or for some leading public relations deterioration of litigation and costly repair records events such as the aftermath …. Blum said, and then before long, some companies have to start dealing with the public harassment of employees with each other through Facebook’s incident. “Welcome to the privacy of version 3.0.” He said so.

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