Vision Shopsters:U.S. Markets for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Technology

Countries covered: United States

In 2009, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the core focus of most health information technology offerings. Government initiatives (most recently stimulus bill EMR provisions) and cost concerns are key drivers of EMR and will continue to drive purchases of EMR systems in the near future. Technologies such as patient monitoring systems and handheld devices will need to adapt to EMR systems to thrive. Those seeking to understand the health IT market will need to build products that address the need for EMR, or work around existing systems and an understanding of EMR products in the marketplace is critical.

A Dynamic Market

Since the last time that Kalorama tackled the EMR market in a market research study two years ago, there have been significant changes. Who are the main players in EMR now? What types of EMR systems are being requested by hospitals and physicians? What are the costs of installing an EMR system for hospitals and physicians? What kind of plans are vendors offering? How much can vendors expect to compete for in the next five years?

This report provides information on the most important companies competing in this market. Vendors are a vital part of shaping this industry, but having the competitive intelligence is just one part of advancing this industry. Participants need to be ever vigilant of the economic pulse and the government’s role in healthcare to properly meet the challenges facing the industry today and in the future.

Relevant Information For Competitors and Potential New Entrants

This Report, US Markets for Electronic Medical Records Technology, takes a current look at the market for EMR in the US. The report includes:

EMR Market Size and Forecasts

Profile of Key Companies in the Market

Trends Driving the Market

Regulatory Activity

Comparision of EMR Vendor Offerings

Physician Preference on EMR Features

Market Share of Large Competitors

High End/Low End Costs for EMR Installation

EMR Use Statistics for Key Buyers (Hospitals, Physician Offices)

The electronic medical records market in the United States is competitive with a number of providers. Companies remain competitive by offering high-quality solution packages to private practices and hospitals. Several leading market participants are discussed in this report including:


Computer Programs & Systems



GE Healthcare




QuadraMed Corporation


Other Companies

Publisher’s note: This report was published prior to the AARA (stimulus bill) incentives. However, Kalorama has not at this point issued a major reforcast; forecasts took into account potential government incentives.

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