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It was less than one year ago that Kalorama Information surveyed the market for electronic medical records. Yet much has changed and the changes may reach into every aspect of healthcare. Since our last report, the U.S. Government has decided to incentivize the use of EMRs through extra Medicare payments, companies have merged and new players – including some well-known corporate giants, have entered the field.

What impact have the announcement of ARRA (stimulus) incentives had, if any? What is the realistic opportunity for producers of EMR systems and system components? Who are the key players who will determine the future of EMR? What is the actual usage rate of EMR? Is this market still open for new entrants?, and what are the strategies that are working in the marketplace? These questions and more are addressed in this report.

In EMR 2010 (Markets, Key Players, ARRA Stimulus Incentives and Innovations), Kalorama Information provides the most current market research on EMR available. As part of its research, EMR 2010 includes:

Analysis of Various Surveys of Physician EMR Use; Getting Towards Usage

Current Market Size and Forecasts for the Next Five Years of EMR Sales

Market Share of Major Competitors

Breakout of Market for the Physician (Office-based) Market
and the Hospital Market

Profiles of Major Players in the Market, As Well As Innovative Companies

A Complete Overview of EHR, EMR and PHRs

Physician EMR Preferences and Feature Ratings

List of EMR Products Certified in 2006, 2007 and 2008

A Look at the ‘Ideal EMR-Enabled Physician’

ROI for Average Physician Office; Cost for Hospitals and For the Health System

The use of electronic medical records will impact all healthcare industries including IT companies, device makers, test makers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Kalorama provides Eight Important Conclusions About the EMR Market that market watchers should be aware of.

As with all Kalorama Information research, secondary research into company reports, government reports, trade publications were used as foundation and primary research – interviews with industry experts were used to assess the data and make forecasts.

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