Cloud Computing Will Reach 95 Billion Industry Chain In China There Is A Short Board

Tencent CTO Xiong Minghua Co predict the next five years, the face of bandwidth, storage, electricity, a large increase in the cost of room and so on, the Chinese Internet company’s profits may be eaten, if they can not deal with “cloud computing” challenge, China Internet may be facing a “collapse.”

Today, if a computer can access, such as document processing is not installed MicrosoftWord Software How to write articles?

Do not have to worry about. Open the Web browser, access to Google’s online word processing software, Web site Google Docs page, the new documents, edit content; to save a document in Google Server , Not on your computer Hard disk , You can access at any one computer can access at any time.

Google Vice President, Greater China president Kai-fu Lee in “Walk in the Clouds” that, if you love this new online word processing editing experience, you are embracing a beautiful Network Application mode?? Cloud computing (CloudComputing).

Latest is a tendency that, Google GDrive service will be launched during the year 2009, users of the service can own almost all of the data (messages, pictures, music and documents etc.) are present on-line, and Access at any time the data, “GDrive introduction of the traditional PC will become superfluous.”

Rapid expansion of the current financial tsunami, the application of the cloud computing trend. The need for capital investment savings for SMEs, allowing a large number of networks based on shared IT platform of cloud computing services that can help them simply by using the volume to make payments, without having to like this, buy their own Server And by hand to maintain order with minimum cost and most convenient way to achieve enterprise-class technology company standards.

International IT giants compared to competing cloud computing early invested heavily in high ground, the Chinese IT companies should fall behind some cloud computing. So far, only two IT industry companies announced their cloud clear plan?? One is Network Security Company Rising, another e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Moreover, all Chinese Internet companies have joined, “cloud” early signs of competition is not until this last July after six months began sporadic.

“Cloud security” hype? Ideal state in the cloud, the user will not have to worry about viruses. Internet security company Rising is the first high-profile announcement “cloud planning” company, which last July was proposed based on the concept of cloud computing “cloud security” plan.

The plan intends to users and Rising technology platform through the Internet is closely linked to form a huge Trojan horse, malicious software, network monitoring and killing each “Rising Kaka 6.0,” Users have become “cloud security” participants.

Security clients through these clouds on the abnormal behavior of the network monitoring software, access to the Internet Trojans, and malicious program to-date information, sent to the server for automatic analysis and processing, then viruses and Trojan solutions distributed to each client.

“Officially running half a year, this” cloud security “system has been covered more than the 100 million domestic Internet users.” Rising Software Marketing Director Ma just told this reporter that, after explosive growth in the face of exponentially the new Trojan virus, Rising intercepted 8-10 million every day. If the analysis by the general engineer of the virus, analysis of daily maximum of around 20 new viruses. Implementation of the cloud security, the Rising of new viruses every day to have stabilized at about 120,000.

Ma just said that currently Rising “Cloud security” system on the server, bandwidth and other hardware inputs over tens of millions, the next few years would not below the current level of hardware investment, while the technical team and the future of the corresponding cost will also be several times the investment in hardware.

Rising announced the “cloud security” plan two months later, another security firm national chairman of Hong Zhou 360 odd tiger? (Hong Zhou? Blog, Hong Zhou? News, Hong Zhou? Speak) in public that no real cloud of domestic security, “only those with large-scale search technology, E-mail technology, mass data storage technology, processing power company can really achieve,” Cloud security “.”

“A business not more than 1,000 servers, do not alone make a” secure cloud “.” Zhou did not reveal how much servers odd tiger, but claimed that Qihoo has been basically built the largest “Cloud security” Computing Center.

However, Samsung Economic Research Institute (China) Technology Industry Group Dr. Hsu Li Yan’s eyes, which several domestic anti-virus software vendors, “Cloud security” of the dispute, the concept is more speculation.

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