12 obsolete things of this decade

We are welcoming the year 2010 and expecting numerous kinds of gadgets, technology tools, and gizmos. However, we should look back and remember the disappearance of other series of things this decade.


HuffPostTech has given a list of 12 things that became out of date this decade.



People now prefer text messaging, BackBerry Messaging, Tweeting, Google Waving, and emailing to the traditional kinds of communication. Calling has been taken over by text messaging which becomes more and more popular.







Classified in Newspapers

Online advertising and widespread expansion of Craigslist have led to the reduction of published volume and advertising sales of newspaper publishers worldwide.



CDs and CD stores

People prefer digital music which is up-to date and can be downloaded online, thus leading to the gradual disappearance of CDs and CD stores. 




Film and film cameras

Digital cameras on phones and computers show their more advantages in instantly and cheaply capturing memories than film cameras.




Dial up Internet

Dial up Internet became outdated this decade owing to its noise, slowness, and long wire.





Online and collaboratively-built Wikipedia has taken the place of Britannicas.




Landline phone



Yellow pages and address books

Thanks to smartphones and Internet, we do not have to turn each pages to find out addresses, telephone numbers on yellow pages and address books.  





Wire is becoming the thing in the past. Wireless internet, wireless updating, wireless downloads, wireless charging, wireless headphones are now available.  




Fax machines




Hand-written letters

Online messages instead of love letters, thank you notes, and invitations prove to be much more convenient and reasonable. 





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The Rapid Development Of China’s Internet Of Things Rfid Market The World’s Third

6 released in Tianjin, “China’s RFID and Internet of Things 2009 Annual Development Report,” China’s industrial chain formed Internet of things, things networking applications step by step. Statistics show that in 2009, China’s radio frequency identification technology (RFID) market reached 8.51 billion yuan, up 29.3%, ranks third in the world, second only to the United Kingdom, the United States.

Internet of Things is the “material objects connected to the Internet”, which is defined by radio frequency identification technology (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing device, according to the agreed protocol, to any items connected with the Internet, information exchange and Communicate To achieve intelligent identify, locate, track, monitor and manage a network.

China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce, chairman of China’s RFID Industry Alliance, said Zhang Qi, physical network connections range far greater than the Internet, it expanded to connect to the article, realize things matter (also including people) is connected to form a connection trillion a goods (equipment) and the hundreds of millions of extremely large databases, collection and storage of the massive physical and virtual information processing and decision making through analysis completed from information to knowledge, to control and command of the intelligence evolution to achieve management and resolution problems.

This from the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce released the report, at present, things networking industry developed rapidly in China, has been with our own development and production of low-frequency, high frequency and microwave Electronic Tag and reader technology and system integration capability, Chip Design and manufacture, package, label, reader design and manufacturing, systems integration and management software, application development has made great progress, market cultivation and application demonstration beginning to bear fruit. At present, the total number of Internet of things have been hundreds of related companies. Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Wuhan and Chengdu have established radio frequency identification technology (RFID) industrial park.

In the industry, the rapid development of China Internet of things to speed up the process of the application also. The report said China continued to expand RFID’s applications are from a identification, electronic ticket-based, to asset management, Food Drug safety monitoring, electronic documents, library, logistics and other items identified development; from the low frequency of access, the second generation ID card to gradually highway toll collection, traffic management, vehicles, UHF and microwave applications expand. China is still a number of pilot cities for things networking applications, such as RFID applications Qingdao full bloom, have Financial , Industrial production, public security, taxation, urban public utilities management card and more than 10 areas of application and popularization; Hangzhou, the gradual deepening of the public card applications, issuing 2.17 million total; Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card credit card transactions the National section First, all bus, subway and taxi opened applications, issuing more than 34.47 million total; Guangzhou City, “Yang Chengtong” set of public transport, telecommunications links, Shangwutong in one, issuing volume more than 12 million.

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An Internet Marketing Career/5 Things You Should Know

When starting an internet marketing career, you should avoid the traps that are put there by thieves. The World Wide Web with it’s lack of rules and difficulty in tracking down fraud and theives has become a eutopia for criminals. That’s the downside. But the same freedom that is now available for criminals is also open to us. You can make an honest living on the Internet. Here are some guidelines you should know:

Don’t get roped in by people telling you can get buy a kit that will make you a millionaire in one week. These rip-off artists prey on people like you and me. I have been one of them so what I’m telling is based on actual experience.

There is a wide open amount of products to sell out there. The amount of items is staggering. What you really need to do is narrow down your search. You need to find a niche. There are people out there looking for your exact niche and you probably don’t know it. You need to invest your time in research. Choose an area that is doing well, such as weight loss. I guess you know that this industry is jammed packed full of customers. But how can you compete with these bigger companies? It’s difficult. You need to find a niche in this wide arena. What you can do is go to Google Keyword Tool and search for weight loss. You will find tons of keywords using weight loss. What you need to do is look for less than 3000 searches a month. You see how it breaks down. Your niche might be catering to women who are trying to lose weight after pregnancy. You see what I mean?

You can look for products on Clickbank that help you find products you can promote. The good news about it is you don’t need a website. Just promoting the product you are furnished an affiliate link that will go to the product’s website but with your special code attached. This way, when someone buys the product, you get paid.

Promote the product for free. Start with article marketing. You start with the keywords above that are below 3000 searches. You write your article using the keyword in the title. You write an article that relates to that woman who is trying to lose weight after pregnancy or whatever you chose. Make sure your title, article and product all match up. Don’t put a link that takes the person to a website selling dog training when you are writing about weight loss. Keep everything relevant.

Keep to your own counsel on what to do. Do the research. There’s a lot of free advice on there. I would try it and see if it works. If it doesn’t, fair enough. But work through it. 

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Internet marketing basics- 7 things you need to Know

You cannot expect to do well in internet marketing unless and until you are well equipped with the internet marketing basics. You must have a proper marketing strategy. The most important thing is you need to know the workings of the internet. You must know how it works. You cannot just implement any and every random idea you come across. Internet marketing is a lot about creativity and doing the right thing at the right time. You cannot deny the benefits of an online internet marketing course. They help you get the internet marketing basics just right.

A lot of people are into affiliate marketing nowadays. But, everyone can make money out of it. It is very important the potential of the market is tapped well. You must not also be under the misconception that you will get rich overnight. It does take some time before you can see some profit. But, there is no denying that positive things start happening from day one.

Now let us take a look at the seven things that you need to know when you get into internet marketing.

Your marketing must always be niche specific. You cannot do every random thing you want to and you cannot implement just about any idea. The plan you etch out needs to exclusively for your product or niche.
Now that you have a product; it is very important that you identify the market of it well. You have to identify your target consumers and work towards getting the leads. That of course will require you to do an extensive market research.
As far as getting enough exposure of your product in the search engine is concerned; you need to find the appropriate keywords. Finding the adequate keywords is most important.
Your next step involves the production of content for the keyword that you have picked. The amount of content you need will depend upon your marketing strategy of course. You can hire professionals for this purpose.
You will have to work towards driving the traffic to your content now. There are various ways in which this can be done. Pay per Click campaigns can be one such solution.
Make sure you leave a “call to action” link at the end of your content so that the traffic can actually act. You can also make use of the Google Adsense.
This is a very crucial step as you will need to convert your traffic. Just clicking to your link won’t sell. You need to make some eye-catching offers to get the attention of your potential buyer. You can offer discounts; something that surely grabs the attention of the reader going through the website.

These are the few internet marketing basics that should help you to succeed. Remember, you must always have a plan as already mentioned. Exercise your creativity and try to think

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