A Router Table Top is a Prerequisite For a Woodworking Shop

It’s said, when you seat your work piece on the router table, it’s a cut of wood, and when you remove it from there, it’s furniture. A Bosch or Bench dog router table can be a pro’s tool for any woodworker.

A router table can be a handy magic wand to yield top notch furniture or crafts with wood.

The services a router table renders are too many to be listed here. But some are worth mentioning:
– Offers alterable profiles for edges
– Can trace templates
– Groove and dado cutting
– Great for making precious joinery
– Doors making (raised panel)
– Wood rounding
– Comes in many different sizes like bench top.
– Different types of router bits are cheap
– Table for routers can be easily made, but table saws are hard to make.
– Many Attachments are on hand with routers to make countless projects easier.

Router bits can do magic. You don’t need to own 50 various cutting or slotting gadgets in your shop. If you have a simple Bosch or a Bench Dog router, a router table and have bought 20 router bits, that’s all you need to make many different types ofcuts by just changing the router bits. Routers can be used for many tasks like:

Biscuit joinery
Face framing bits
Box joints
Laminate trimming
Lock mitres for strong joints
Round overs
Finger joints
Tongue and groove joints
Dovetail joinery
Biscuit joinery
and much, much more

Routering on a table is preferred for the convenience of use, and it helps you keep your shop or workplace neat and coordinated. When the workplace is neat and clean it will make your job a satisfying one and boost your performance as well.

How do router tables make things cleaner? Simply, by accepting dust collectors. I personally like to use portable dust collectors with my routing table. They are great for removing saw dust as the router cuts.

Talking about my personal router table and bits, I have everything I need , next to my hands with a cabinet under my router table that has many drawers. Other wise it would have been very hard to keep all those Allen wrenches, small knobs, Collet wrenches and speed controls in one places. You too, can have things grouped and ready for use, if you keep your tools stored using a under table cabinet.

Search the net will help you find out what’s available for your router table needs. Do some study, learn about the products and pick the right one for your projects. To name a few, Bosch router tables and Bench Dog Router tables are among the best quality tables available in the market today.

You can find out more about router tables here.

Lon Sargent is woodwork pro and writer for Woodworkweb.com -woodworking resource for woodworkers

How to Use the USB Wireless Network Card on DM800 HD

As we all know, DM800 HD has the USB port, this makes it possible to plug a USB wireless network card to DM800 HD. However, if we want to use the function of USB wireless network card, we should have a wireless network access point (AP) first. We can use the 54Mbps WIFI ADSL router to set up the WLAN.   First, we should plug the WIFI USB wireless network card to the USB port on the backboard of DM800 HD, and then turn on DM800 HD. Secondly; you have to set up the parameters in the operating system. The operating system we use now is Gemini 2.   1. Go though the way of Main Menu – Blue Board – Settings to get into the Kernel Module setting interface. Since the USB wireless network card we use in this case uses the drive of RT73, we choose the WLAN RT73 and save the settings use the green button. 2. After the loading process, get into the internet setting interface though the way of Main Menu – Settings – System. Choose the option to restart network. 3. If the network is restarted, go back to the network setting interface. Now, here will be the Choosing Network Card option, push OK on remote controller to get in. 4. Now you are in the Network Settings interface, there will be a scan wireless network extra option. Before we get to use the WLAN, we have to scan wireless network signal first, so push the OK button and get in. 5. In the interface of Choose a Wireless Network, we can see the Hot – Spots around us. Choose the one you want to connect and you will see the massage of “1 WIRELESS NETWORK (S) FOUND!” The SSID of the network may be the name of the router you uses and ENCRYPTION: NO means that the network doesn’t use the encryption settings. 6. Now, you get to the Network Card Settings using the ordinary way and set the IP address just like the onboard LAN device. You have to pay attention to that if the WLAN uses the encryption settings; you have to set the type (WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA&WPA2) and key type (ASCII, HEX) of the encrypted network. 7. After all the settings, you can active the network using the OK button and you have to click on YES if the system ask you whether to forbid the second network card.   Congratulations, you have done all the things required; now you can enjoy the wireless network.

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VPN Server – Internet Anonymity Using a Virtual Private Network

A VPN server can do a lot for you as a web user. Some of the most common advantages of using a virtual private network are that data transmitted is secure and that it gives you access to different IPs while on the internet. Many people think of security or safety when talking about a VPN, but another added advantage of a VPN server is that it helps you be anonymous online. The anonymity offered by a VPN is similar to that of a proxy server and if you are familiar with how a proxy works, then you will be able to easily see the advantages of using a VPN server to be anonymous online.

Virtual private networks make you anonymous because they give you a new IP. This IP is one that is located on the VPN server that you connect to, and while you are surfing the internet your IP will be reported as that of the one on the VPN. Websites and webmasters have no way of tracking beyond the VPN. The server is as far as they can see, and this means that wherever the VPN server is, then that is where you will appear to be from. VPNs often also come with multiple IPs, and this means that with a click of a button you can rotate or change your IP to something completely different. This adds to the level of anonymity they offer, because it means that you can avoid leaving any traces by using an IP too frequently on any website that you visit.

Why would you need this kind of anonymity offered by a VPN server? It is a known fact that websites log and track user activity. If you are someone who is concerned about your personal privacy, then it is important that you make it difficult for anyone, hackers or competitors, to know about your online activities. Using multiple IPs on a VPN means that webmasters may not be aware of when you visit, why you are visiting, where you are from and what kind of information you send or share online. This is important if you use multiple accounts and don’t want anyone knowing this.

The kind of anonymity that a VPN server gives you is also comparable to that of the best kind of proxy server. There are many different kinds of proxies available today, but the best kind, called elite proxies, are completely undetectable, and this is the kind of anonymity that your VPN provides. There is no way for anyone to detect that you are using a VPN. They are completely invisible and undetectable. This means that no-one will know when you are or aren’t using your VPN online.

A VPN server can be used for a variety of reasons, but one of the most beneficial is that of being anonymous. Changing your IP to one on the VPN and having access to several different ones means that it is extremely difficult for anyone to track what you do online. In the information age, information is king and protecting yourself online is something that everyone should be concerned about.

Want your own VPN server? VPN setup is easy, and you’ll find that setting up a VPN protects you online.

Reasons To Set Up Wireless Network In Different Spheres Of Activity

Wireless networks are nothing out of the ordinary today. People from all walks of life and different occupations choose to set up wireless network in order to have more opportunities to use the Internet in unconventional places or when on the move. The functionality and mobility of the technology wins it many admirers with numbers of subscribers for wireless services growing steadily. It is interesting to look into the application of wireless networks in different spheres of human activity in order to understand how it is changing the world.

Multiple opportunities to set up wireless network make people more likely to be accessing the Internet more often. This applies to home and office use, applications in business and education, security and science, medicine and the military. Wireless means mobility and this is something people tend to value more and more in a world where no one wants to lose a minute of valuable time.

Wireless connections are widely used in business. More businesses opt to set up wireless network instead of using cable or Ethernet because wireless is more reliable, mobile and cost-effective. It doesn’t present a hazard at the office where cables may make workers trip and fall. Laptops with wireless Internet access may be taken everywhere and used whenever they are needed. Wireless is also secure and helps businessmen protect their databases from outside threats and intruders. With the help of this technology entrepreneurs get more chances to conduct web conferences, visit virtual tradeshows, receive video calls, chat and share screens with important clients and partners while they are out of the office. People whose jobs presuppose a lot of travelling may use these technologies to take their projects with them wherever they go.

Wireless technologies can be easily used in education at different levels from day care to post graduate programmes. A simple school biology project can now be taken to the park and pupils may read up on plant species online while they take snaps of them in the natural environment. All they need is to set up wireless network and get to work. University students may have their laptops with them during lectures where they can check information online or even record lectures in real time and post them on the Internet. The opportunities are limitless and wireless technologies will be changing the sphere of education further in the years to come.

Medicine is another sphere where wireless connections may be used. Doctors may take their laptops with them to access patients in their wards having Internet records and reference materials at hand with them. Doctors may choose to set up wireless network and use this opportunity to facilitate their work. Now it possible to record necessary information about patients without relying on charts and paper sheets since it can be taken down to the computer directly saving nurses and doctors time and effort.

Home use of wireless is increasing with people now able to spend their computer time outdoors either enjoying an Internet chat or reading an online book. It is much more convenient to be able to use computers in every room of the house or anywhere outside. It is clear that wireless technologies work great in different spheres of human activity and are likely to only grow in use in the future.

For further information regarding the range of set up wireless network products and services we offer, please visit our website at http://www.dmsluk.co.uk.