How To Connect Dsl Modems & Linksys Routers For Wireless Internet

You can connect a DSL modem to a Linksys router to create a wireless Internet network that works anywhere in your home. It is a bit more complicated to customize it by giving it a password and your own name, but certainly not impossible.

Pick a location for your network. Set up near a phone jack, as well as an available power plug. Plug in a surge protector to guard your network against any unwelcome surges. Connect your phone jack to the surge protector, then run your second phone line out of it.

Install your Linksys router. Plug the Cat-6 wire into the back of the router in the “Internet” port. Keep an eye on your DSL router; once the lights seem to stabilize, plug your router into the surge protector. Give it a few minutes.

Install your DSL modem. Generally, when you sign up for DSL your phone company mails you a DSL modem. Once your DSL is on, first plug in the phone cord coming out of the surge protector into the appropriate part of the modem. Second, plug in a Cat-6 wire to the back of the modem in your network plug. Finally, attach the modem’s power supply and plug it in.

Connect your computer to your new wireless network. Click on your computer’s Start button and open the Control Panel. Scroll down to the Network Connections button, and double click. Double click on the Wireless Network Connection, then click on Wireless Networks. Look for one with a name that somehow incorporates the word Linksys, and the strongest such on the list. Double click on that, and your computer will connect to the Internet.

To add a password, change the encryption to WPA 128 or 64 bit. 64 bit, while less secure if you’re worried about network hackers, is significantly simpler as it only carries a 10-digit password. 128 bit uses a 28 digit password.

Customize the network. Check the documentation on your router as to how to connect to the router’s Control Panel. To change the network’s name, rename the SSID. provides you best price network device,to make your laptop wireless~~

“5p +2 P” In The Market, Lighting Market Opportunities To Grasp The Concept Of Winner

Recently held in Shanghai, “the fourth energy lighting new lighting & new Forum” deeply touched. Central Plains, who the winner then? LED achievement which ultimately “lucky enterprise” mean? I think the word: the market. Who may be the world market, who has a larger market who will compete in the accumulation in the future more resources and advantages, and only those who are good at grasping market opportunities for business have the chance to have the last laugh, to become the ultimate king .
To win the market, we must understand the market demand, so companies and products, industrial development is all about. I had the honor to listen to the “fourth new energy sources and new lighting forum” before the closing of a focus on talk about guests on the proposal sharply own opinion and advice, their views of the original, made to present most of the LED market development are touched.
Here are the contents of my meeting a simple order, hope to the LED market participants who failed to help.
As the site host, Dr. Liang Bingwen the first to throw a “5P +2 P” of the market concept, he thinks the current LED industry market needs the support of the seven areas.
5P: product, price, packaging, promotion, channel
2P: personnel, policy
Next, talk about guests on seven areas for which published their insights.
About Talent
Members agreed that the talent for this high-tech industry and every business is the most important terms, and the current lack of talents LED industry, understand technology do not understand business, understand business do not understand technology, traditional designers do not understand the LED’s characteristics, to understand characteristics of doctors and masters LED did not understand their design. Professor Xiaohong Qing Taiwan is blunt: the lighting, LED lighting design talent is scarce, can play a real character and features LED only hope catch up with the traditional lighting, the brightest are not necessarily the best, fit is the the best.
The author commented: LED industry in urgent need talents and human resources optimization and integration, relevant agencies should assume such responsibilities, find out the real needs of enterprises have in common, guide enterprises to complete the personnel training and human resources optimization and integration, enhance the industry as a whole competitive conduct related services.
About Products
Dr. Liang Bingwen: U.S. market order is the product of concern: quality, service, price; the Chinese market has always been the concern of the product price, Chinese consumers, the manufacturer of this idea condone speculative mentality hinders high-quality products to market .
Professor Michael: energy-saving lamps in the United States for nearly 15 years, but still 10% market share; what kind of lighting can become the master of lighting, government support and promotion strategy is important. Professor Michael: In China, LED lights in municipal lighting applications should be bold and a good choice, the industry is also a promotion and publicity.
Process? Allowed? Wang? Dry atmosphere interrogate cable Jiao Gui Chang tanning? Bang drum band Pu Tuan Fan Yun-invasion condyle sole?? Suck Bitis arrow points about Yan magpie? ED lamp will speed up the pace of replacement.
Xiaohong Qing professor: high pressure sodium color index is not high enough, people’s sleep as the sun sets, easily lead to accidents, jokes that the use of cold white LED lights can reduce vehicle accidents, product design and development of hope when the concern, “” intermediate vision. “
Dr. Hao Luoxi: indoor lighting, semiconductors and materials in combination have advantages, but did not play LED edge should be in the visual light effects and mood lighting efforts, and that the “cabin lighting” is the best indoor applications. Outdoor lighting, urban landscape lighting, the phototherapy too much, and have similar negative effects of the laser, likely to stimulate the retina, leading to glaucoma, the proposed city normal night lighting should be: mainly white dotted phototherapy.
Miss Lin Yandan: LED product performance and reliability are currently the biggest problems impeding project uses, and examples: Shanghai 45,000 school building projects and C919 Light large aircraft cabin lighting system project scenarios.
About Price
Process? Allowed? Wang? Defended governance? ED development of the industry: the existing core technology lies in the upstream, the future lies in traditional lighting sources, but later found that “among integration” also need to address a comprehensive range of technical issues, there is still great value-added space.
Dr. Hao Luoxi: the promotion of LED products in the market, it is necessary to help clients of the initial investment, running costs and maintenance costs of the change in relationship.
About channels
Professor Xiaohong Qing: Jiang Hu is a friend not an enemy to walk, to be good at the traditional lighting of the marketing network.
About Promotions
Mr. Pan Jiangen: an industry of social marketing is important, not only in the circle of publicity. How much market there is much heart, vision, there are far more wide road.
About Packaging
Process? Allowed? Wang? Call? Ao Nang Zhuo Yue tip?? Eggs? Ah enterprises enemy worm cricket? Expensive tube? V? Pit? Bran Cheng?? Shore? Hui interrogate Nasal case? Plaque?? / P>
Mr. Pan Jiangen: emphasizing the correct specification of product (such as: optical parameters, color temperature indicators, etc.) do not present many products.
Professor Xiao Hongqing: product quality is the best packaging products.
On government support
1, for new products and technology, government support is very important.
2, establish a fair competitive environment is very important.
3, it is proposed: to carry out more like “10 City, 10000,” similar to the pattern of industrial projects to promote
Currently, China’s semiconductor lighting industry, there are still five short board development is proposed to discuss with you the exchange. First, the domestic and international industry standard system has not been established; second, support the development of core technology industry are weak; Third, industry in the region between the lack of unified planning and coordination; fourth, the national industry development policies, regulations vacancies; Fifth, lack of human resources industry, a development bottleneck.

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Configure Basic Wireless Settings on Linksys Router For CCNA

This article will show you how to perform basic wireless setup in order to enable wireless communication between your wireless computers located on your home/office network. This article is designed for CCNA students, network engineers, and anyone looking to do basic wireless setup on a Linksys router. This article falls under the CCNA syllabus’s objective “Explain and select the appropriate administrative tasks required for a WLAN”.

To start configuring wireless settings, you can open the Basic Wireless Settings screen, which is located under the Wireless tab. This screen allows you to set these parameters:

* Wireless network mode: allows you to select the wireless standards running on your home network.

* Wireless Network Name (SSID): allows you to enter a name for your wireless network. SSID or Service Set IDentifier is a string used to identify your wireless network. You can use it as a secret key in order to connect to your wireless network.

* Wireless Channel: allows you to select the appropriate channel for your wireless network. Wireless interfaces communicate with each other using radio frequency signals in the band between 2.4 GHz and 2.5 GHz.

* Wireless SSID Broadcast: allows the broadcasting of your SSID in order to help your network users find your wireless network easily. You can also disable this behavior whenever you want.

The following steps describe how to configure your Linksys router in order to enable wireless communication on your network:

Step 1: Open your favorite web browser application, and enter the IP address in the address field. Then press Enter.

Step 2: In the authentication dialog box, enter the administrator’s username and password. The default values are admin/admin for the username/password. However, on some Linksys router platforms, the default value for the username is the blank and for the password is admin.

Step 3: Open the Wireless tab.

Step 4: In the Wireless Network Mode drop-down menu, select Mixed if your have both 802.11g and 802.11n wireless devices. If not, then select either G-Only or N-Only depending on the wireless standard used on your network.

Step 5: Enter a name for your network. Your network users will use the SSID to recognize your wireless network whenever they survey the local area for wireless networks. The default value for this parameter is linksys.

Step 6: Select your wireless channel.

Step 7: Select Enable in order to broadcast your SSID or Disable if you want to disable this behavior.

Step 8: Click Save Settings in order to save your configuration.

Click here for more information about Linksys router setup. These tutorials are also useful for people studying to pass the CCNA certification exam.

Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Protoss Vs. Protoss PvP Tips

In a Protoss vs Protoss match it really is a traditional clash of inteligence. Trying to play as being the Protoss race is focused on countering the other person’s assaults using the ideal units. Needless to say if you are competing in opposition to one particular Protoss player you need to continually be a single action quicker than them to succeed. The following information will provide you with techniques of defeating a Protoss player in a 1v1 game heads up.

Your basic unit shall be the Zealot and you should develop following that based on what units your opponent tosses your way. You should definitely scout as often as you are able to and determine if they are producing air units for instance Void Rays or Phoenix. In the event that they are you definitely need to produce a considerable amount of Stalkers and you’ll have no difficulty eliminating them. If they’re making use of a great deal of Zealots and Stalkers then produce several Colossus to deal with this, make absolutely certain you preserve a handful Zealots to protect the Colossus from destruction. When they made a plan to make use of Colossus themselves it’s best to produce a couple of Immortals because they can really make a rampaging Colossus short lived. Constantly make an effort to scout them and find out what exactly is on its way.If you notice Dark Templars arriving then you simply must produce an Observer as quickly as you are able to so you can detect these. In the event that they are foolish enough in an attempt to produce Carriers then simply develop your army and invade thier base while they’re poor on defense due to the fact most of the resources are going to constructing the Carriers.

Beating Protoss is fairly simple, since you simply need to assemble the proper counters to take care of what they’re executing. Should you stick to the guide and discover the advantages of the units, you’ll have no difficulty defeating an excellent Protoss player.

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