The Router: A Toast to William Yeager

Many immediately think of Cisco Systems when they think of the inventor of the router. The truth behind the story is a bit different though. William ‘Bill’ Yeager, an American engineer born in San Francisco, created the first multiple-protocol router in 1981. He was serving at Stanford’s Knowledge Systems laboratory at the time, and dubbed the first creation ‘Ships in the Night.’

Yeager describes his time at Stanford and the invention of the first multi-protocol router (from

“Before Sun was formed at Stanford University, efforts were already underway across campus in the medical school to develop the multiple protocol routers that Cisco Systems licensed in 1986 from the Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing. Around Christmas of 1979 Xerox gifted ethernet technology to Stanford, MIT and Carnegie Mellon University. Ethernet-based local area networks were immediately installed in the Stanford medical school, and the department of computer science. This led to the need for what became known as “router technology”. “

Yeager goes on to describe how they used router technology as a connection from the Standford Medical School to the Department of Computer Science. He describes the order from his boss at Stanford that lead to the technology development: ” ‘You’re our networking guy. Go do something to connect the computer science department, medical center and department of electrical engineering.” Soon enough, the code for this routing became the standard at Stanford.

This was just the beginning of the story for the router however. Cisco Systems soon licensed Yeager’s routing technology from Stanford, and went on to successfully commercialize the multi-protocol router. (Cisco, located in the Bay Area, originally was named after the nickname for the nearby city San Fran-‘cisco’. ) Although multi-protocol soon gave way to IP (Internet Protocol), it’s importance in the landscape of the router was forever etched.

Today, routers of various shapes, sizes, complexity and price shape the landscape that we know as the internet. This networking equipment varies from small routers that you find in a home or small office, to extremely large routers, like the used Cisco CRS-1 or Juniper T1600,which provide the framework for ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Routers are the highways that forward information from one location to another, from a PC to the world wide web to another PC on the other side of the world. The invention has shaped the landscape of the internet, global economy, government defense arena, and human society.

Cheers to William Yeager.

Unix Hosting – Is it Right for You?

It is right that there is a variety of strong advantages as to why you should purchase a Unix platform package, but you will also have to be aware of several of the disadvantages before making up your mind as to which package to buy. Here are some common problems that face Unix hosting today.




For customers who are thinking about getting a website builder, they must find a server like Pace Technologies. They offer an online website builder called Site Studio. You do not need any skills or HTML knowledge. You don’t even need a script. The Site Studio provides an interface that is user friendly.  You may want to use this company for your website building.


If you do not know much about the Linux/Unix language, it will mean learning a different programming language. Clients who have been so used to having Windows as their operating system will find going to Unix hosting may be a real bummer especially for a new computer user. You will have to get used to the fact that the slashes will go in the opposite direction from Windows, and the Unix commands are altogether different from the commands issued by Windows. For webmasters who seem to have limited time, it may be too much pressure for them to be learning a whole new programming language.


Additionally, you will be required to have knowledge of file permissions as well as the process of going about that with Unix hosting. You are going to have to learn to set certain file permissions up with files and folders included in the script.  The process is known as CHMODING and is often quite difficult to catch on to at first. Your script won’t not run if you have not set your permissions up correctly; this results in new users finding it extremely frustrating.


Telnet is the usual vehicle that is used to administer Unix hosting processes and is like a totally strange application to a person who has not been accustomed to Unix hosting. While Telnet is not that hard to master, in order to use it, you will still have to learn a number of commands. Many webmasters choose not to make use of Telnet in order to administer their Unix hosting site; however, if you are planning to utilize advanced applications, you will definitely want Telnet in your corner.


Front Page Extensions


When you decide to build your website, if you are going to use Microsoft Front Page, you must ensure your Unix hosting service will offer Front Page to its maximum potential. Most Unix hosting platforms are now have these extensions available, but you have to just watch who you sign up with because some do not use it.




Should you plan to incorporate Active Server Pages, known also as ASP, you are not going have the ability of using this kind of language on a Unix hosting service. Because the scripting language show that it is increasingly popular, this could be another real drawback if you decide you are going to go with Unix hosting to be your website builder.


No Visual Basic


Just like ASP, Unix hosting does not support that either. Therefore, if you are planning to use ASP or almost any Windows based application, you do not want to use Unix hosting as a good alternative for your website builder.


To sum up, then, the primary disadvantage if you are going to use Unix hosting as your website builder, then your provider  may only allow you to access your account by way of Telnet or SSH. Therefore, you are going to have to be very knowledgeable in understanding Unix commands so that you will be able to customize your requirements. You may find that you have to spend too much of you valuable time learning the basics before you are able to enjoy some of the free advantages that Unix hosting has to offer.

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