How to Use Software Applications And Architectures

Enaviya helps companies modernize their products in ways that harness new technologies, enhance functionality, improve user experience (UX), and increase user benefits.Many of today’s software applications have dated architectures – while they strive to keep up with user needs, their existing architectures are unable to support radical functionality or UX changes.New user needs and functionalityUser[…]

The Tempting Nature of Cloud Computing Applications for Small Businesses

Most of the small business enterprises are always on the lookout to improve their standards within a limited budget, the problem with them is they are always on a tight budget and can’t afford high priced software’s and applications for their business. There are also many small startups that have a huge challenge to survive[…]

Why Small And Medium Businesses Are Quickly Adopting Cloud Computing Applications

Whereas big enterprises have had the deep pockets necessary to deploy wide-scale virtualization projects, the same is not the case for many smaller and medium businesses. According to AMI-Partners, however, small and medium business (SMB) spending in the U.S. for software-as-a-service (SaaS) will increase exponentially during the next five years, eclipsing expansion in investments in[…]

Cloud computing applications can increase your business revenue

Are you getting up to date with latest technologies? Do you know about the new applications that can enhance your business revenue? Yes, if you know about these technologies, you must implement cloud computing application in your organization. These days, IT industry is gaining more popularity with new profit margins and with increasing business requirements.[…]

Application Monitoring Software – Essential for Critical and Sensitive Data Applications

To say application monitoring software is necessary for online business success would be an understatement. The fact is, monitoring tools are absolutely indispensable. Monitoring tools track the health and performance of business applications, and identify and fix key issues before they cause problems. Today networks and SaaS applications have become critical components of entrepreneurship- irrespective[…]