Profitable Apps and Privacy Issues: 3 Quick Tips to Make Sure You’re Not Fined $800,000 or any amount for that matter…

“Your apps are suppose to make you money, get you recognition and make life a little easier for the end user-not get you fined $ 800,000. It’s been all over the internet that the makers of the Path social networking app will pay a civil penalty to settle U.S. Federal Trade Commission charges that it[…]

Mobile Apps for Event – How They Make Organizer’s Life Easy

In today’s competitive world, most of you who are into business need to make the most of the new opportunities that are coming up and thereby maximize your growth. According to a recent survey, 71% small businesses consider organizing events to be excellent platforms to reach out to new customers and fulfill marketing objectives. And,[…]

How Mobile Apps can be Beneficial for the Banking Sector

With the increasing customer demands, the banking and finance sectors are facing various difficulties and challenges to fulfill them. The market competition is intensifying and it is important to build the trust and confidence among the customers. As smartphone has penetrated the market, banks also need to constantly review the best mobile banking strategies, develop[…]

Developing Web or Mobile Apps Is Easier Than Ever Before With Node.js

A simple and scalable web application is appreciable and essential for all, that is either from developer’s perspective or for the business person to promote business easily. As a perfect solution, node.js happens to be the right platform which is built on Chrome’s JavaScript run time. As it is open source, uses an event-driven non-blocking[…]