Now Storage Area Network is Within Reach Of Most Business Houses

Storage area network is a collection of storage and backup devices which is connected together through a network that is separated from the other servers with a switch. Fibre channels are used to connect in this high speed technology to connect the storage and backup devices. SAN storage is very costly which makes most IT[…]

Wide Area Network-Needful For The Big Enterprises

The benefits associated with networking are highly recognized by large number of companies, including big and small enterprises. Connectivity and sharing are two important aspects of networking. These allow easy sharing of information and cooperation between different departments of an organization. Modern business mainly depends on the easy and efficient flow of information management. It[…]

Preface To Wide Area Network And Its Solution

Wide area network (WAN) has been defined in two ways. Firstly, the book definition of wide area network is a network that broadens large geographical locations, usually to interconnect numerous local area networks (LANs). The realistic definition of a WAN is a network that traverses a public network, using one of several WAN technologies. WANs[…]

Preparing For Storage Area Networking

SAN will enable almost any application that moves data around the network to perform better. Just like conventional subnets SANs add bandwidth for specific functions without placing a load on the primary network. In this fashion SAN compliment LANs and WANs. SAN also enable higher performance solutions such as data warehousing. SAN are really pervasive[…]

On Board with Shipboard Wireless Area Networks

As ships become more automated and data management a strong requirement of on-board networks, creating a well defined shipboard infrastructure is crucial. Shipboard wireless area networks are a popular way of achieving this infrastructure. Since cost reduction is a priority among ship owners, and ship networks an integral part of ship operations, wireless networking is[…]

Latest Features of Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network is well organized interconnection of storage devices connected via LAN or WAN to cater the need of high speed data transmission. By using this technology a person can access the data stored on a storage arrays located at distant places from the Internet. SAN uses optical fiber cable communication for faster data[…]

Storage Area Networks (SAN): An Overview

These days, every organization requires basic facilities and infrastructure to run the enterprise. Normally, all IT companies have standalone servers, which are connected to their network connection. This connect helps employees of the organization to access the data within the same network of area. All these networks and servers are useful to provide the access[…]