A Review of Automated Forex Brokers

Several companies offer automated forex broker services. In the following articles, you’ll find brief reviews of each. What forex brokers offer automated services? GFT Forex is an automated forex broker, whose DealBook FX 2 software offers the investor both a demo and a live forex trading tool in the currency market. This forex trading software[…]

Dealing Through an Automated Forex Trading Platform

Dealing through an automated forex trading platform is considered as a less complicated form compared to the traditional trading within the stock market. In this method, one only needs to have a trading account, thereby making it easier for the general public to become more exposed to the opportunities of the share market. If you[…]

Automated Test Tools – An Overview

Today test automation tools are in high-demand because of the large number of testing projects that are running in every software organization. New technological advancements have brought in advanced features in these tools. When many projects are running, each of them having their own testing priorities then using individual test resources is not advisable. It[…]

Kiddicare Ends Tape Backup Challenges with Automated Cloud-Based Data Recovery

TORONTO, CANADA, February 20, 2014 Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider since 1986 today announced that its cloud services partner, Active8IT, has deployed Asigra Cloud Backup at Kiddicare (www.kiddicare.com), a leading parent and baby equipment retailer. Kiddicare selected Asigra to address its management and data growth challenges with a more[…]