Tips To Grab Expired Domains Through Back Ordering Process- Part II

Back ordering is an important process of acquiring a domain, and hundreds of traders are using this technique to purchase domain names of choice. Available reports suggest that there are more than 1000 different domain name registrars and most of them are actively engaged in back ordering processes that relate to domains that are expiring.[…]

Tips To Grab Expired Domains Through Back Ordering Process- Part I

In general, domain expiry and deletion cycle is a different process with different registrars and domain name registers. It is a well known fact that a number of registrars enter into partnership with different domain auctioning services. Before a domain name expires, the registrars will keep it in an expired status for 35 days. Under[…]

Confidential Laser Keyboards – Back in the Near future!

The different bluetooth virtual computer keyboard will revolutionize the industry because it all represents a good paradigm alter – off from common advice devices that many of us use on a daily basis. Comparable to how large a minor TV push-button control, this compact keyboard contains user friendly by of those with disabilities and basically[…]

Software Pricing: Getting Back to Growth

Software vendors are rapidly running out of room to grow organically. Enterprise software players are boxed in by increasingly budget-conscious buyers and by their own entrenched culture of deep-discounting. Vendors of packaged software are battling runaway SKU complexity and channel partners’ demands. And both groups are still grappling with software-as-a-service model – as both threat[…]