First Impressions Are Everything: Business Websites For Beginners

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Indeed, regardless of the scenario, it’s certainly true that first impressions count for a lot and it is often the only chance a person has to create a positive, lasting impact. The same can be said for businesses too. With[…]

How to Create and Maintain a Website: A Primer for Beginners

The number of active websites on the Internet is absolutely staggering and ranges in the hundreds of millions with hundreds if not thousands more being created each day. In the Internet’s heyday, only the technically savvy were able to create a website. Today, anyone with online access is capable of having a website put up[…]

Internet Marketing For Beginners – Choosing The Right Domain Name

Yipee! The creation of your website is successful in this 1st step. All the difference will be made on whether or not you succeed in Internet Marketing, choose the right domain name. The web address you type into your browser is known as a domain name if If you are totally new to the Internet[…]

Understanding Domain Structure for Beginners

Many people often confuse with the terms domain, top level domain (TLD), root domain, sub domain and sub directory/sub-folder. Some people use them interchangeably whereas in reality, each of them is distinct. First, domain or domain name is the user readable form of address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that user types in the address[…]

What Beginners Need to Know About Managing a Website

Managing website content Nearly every website has content. Content can include graphics, video, text, audio files, and data. Content is essentially anything on your website that conveys meaning or information and once it is on your website, it requires that you maintain it. Creating a website Taking a couple of steps back, by now you[…]