Is There a Difference Between Web Hosting Companies?

Asking if there is a difference between web hosting companies is like asking if there is a difference between an apple and an orange. Sure, they are both fruit, but they are two totally different colors, textures, and tastes. The same theory holds true for web hosting companies. While every web hosting company essentially offers[…]

The difference between hosted intranet and in-house storage

During the initial phase of the intranet planning process for an organization, the options of external intranet hosting and in-house web server should be given requisite considerations. An intranet system generally stores on a web server (a computer that provides access to authorized users all over). It provides access using any one of the following[…]

Features and service comparison between Cloud Computing companies

Cloud Computing companies like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Rackspace, Joyent, IBM Softlayer, etc are into the $ 110 billion cloud infrastructure market space. In addition to Infrastructure service, they are also into PaaS ( Platform as a Service ) and SaaS ( Software as a service ). These companies have developed their capabilities and expertise[…]

Relationship Between Domain Names And Search Engine Ranking

Does the length of your website’s domain name registration have something to do with search engine optimization and results? Should you renew your domain name for a long period of time? And if so, how long is long enough? If you want to stay ahead of your competition, then you might consider looking at the[…]

The Link between PPC and Expired Domain Market

PPC programs are one of the reasons why registering expired names is constantly increasing these days. Many people realize the opportunity that this thing offers to web developers. The PPC programs are lucrative and profitable for many people as it is a 6 billion dollars market. Those who trade domain names can use this type[…]

Huge Different Between IDE & HP SATA Hard Drive

SATA also know as Serial ATA or (Serial Advanced Technology attachment) is a computer related hard drive which work beyond expectations for linking in direction of mass storage devices such the same as hard disk drives and optical drives. SATA is particularly designed to replace the earlier version ATA also known as PATA standard. SATA[…]

Differences between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drives

The present world is crazy for the devices with high speed as speedy technology has become the core of the world. With advancements in everyday life, everything people wishes to be of hyper speed whether it’s iPhones and computers or iPods and internet.  More Storage Capacity in USB 3.0 Those days have gone when a[…]

Laptop Computers- Variation Between Desktops And Their Background

It’s amazing to think that when your parents were born, computers were behemoth machines, closely guarded secrets of corporate and national security. Now people walk around with their computers and sit down in front of them in coffee shops. Even ten years ago, when computers were starting to appear in most people’s homes, they still[…]

Efforts Like Windows VPS And Linux VPS Reducing The Gap Between Dedicated And Shared Servers

Using the virtual private servers, have become the fad in present day scenario. It would be a work of diligence to find a business that is not depending on servers. In fact, one cannot work in the computers without using a server. But what has drawn the attention of so many people, is the prospect[…]

The Difference Between SubDomains and Add-On Domain Names Basics

Let us assume that you have a very good domain name with you. Did you ever know that you could add and compliment another domain in addition to your existing domain name? These domain names are known by the names like sub domains or add-on domains. However, they are almost like slaves to the main[…]

Understanding the Relationship Between Domain Names and Hosting

Selecting a domain name can be a bit overwhelming since domain registrars often offer far more services than just domain names. Many offer “hosting” as well, so it helps to understand the relationship between domain names and hosting. Domain names and hosting are two completely separate products, but in the effort to sell the products[…]