Creating Your Own Website — Avoid The Common Mistakes When Choosing A Domain Name

When you start your own internet business it soon becomes clear that your domainname is the centre of creating your own website. So before you rush out andchoose the name that will represent you on the web, you might want to considerthese 5 tips. (A) KEEP IT SHORT: The main consideration when choosing a domain[…]

Domain Flipping – 3 Common Mistakes of Domain Flippers and the way to avoid Them

Most budding world wide web entrepreneurs are searching for that perfect organization chance to make a whole lot of money online. Getting and selling domain names is a superb opportunity to do just that. Locating a great domain name can be like acquiring a million dollar house that has been foreclosed and is now selling[…]

4 Common Issues You May Face When Transferring A Domain Name

Everyone is a bit resistant to change, due to the uncertainties and surprises that it may bring upon us. We prefer sticking to our old providers and vendors, even if they maybe exploiting and fleecing us. Not everyone can afford to take the brave step of switching their domain name to a new provider, especially[…]

Common Challenges in Carrying Out Wireless Network Maintenance Services

As the migration to wireless networks continues unabated globally, the challenges of managing a network has also continued to become increasingly evident. The adoption of wireless as opposed to wired networks is not restricted to large corporate organizations or government facilities as even home offices and personal users are leveraging its advantages to enjoy better[…]