How to start your own restaurant delivery service?

Convenience is the biggest game planner, marketing and business has got a new connotation in this world of internet marketing. In the present generation, if you have ideas and willingness to make it big, you can become a millionaire by owning a bicycle. Simple concept but high earning and high living! Have you ever heard[…]

Content Delivery Network Services – Speed up Content over the Web

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are widely distributed system of servers installed in multiple data centers across the world. The aim of these CDNs is to provide content to end-users with high availability and superior performance. CDN services offer a large amount of Internetcontent that includes web objects, downloadable objects, live streaming media, social networks and[…]

Efficient application delivery through network load balancers

Today we live in a world where we want faster and more efficient solutions of the challenges we encounter in day-to-day lives. A survey has come up with this interesting fact that we wait not more than three seconds for a webpage to load and we allow ourselves only seven seconds while we dial a[…]

How to Create a Service Design Model For it Delivery Services

The concept of service design is an integral part of every corporate organization as it involves the bringing together of the work force, infrastructure and other components to improve the relationship between service providers and customers. This can involve just a single change in the enterprise or a complete re-vamping and re-arrangement of all the[…]

Cloud Computing Services: New Age IT Service Delivery Model

In today’s techno savvy environment, the business houses demands for an end-user computing services that is best in its class. Being customer-centered these business houses look for personalized service and great value for the end-users. It thus becomes necessary on the part of the computing service providers to provide services which are innovative enough to[…]