Developing Website on WordPress Platform

WordPress remains one of the most widely used platforms to develop websites. This article discusses some of the methods by which static website can be created. This can be managed online easily and looks elegant as the standard website. Registering Domain name The first step in WordPress Web Design after getting the idea about the[…]

What it Takes to Developing Your Own Android Application

Android is very popular among the mobile device users and its popularity is growing consistently. Enterprises and businesses seeking to cash in on the best of mobility now therefore take to developing their customized Android application. Getting started in the right way with Android application development is therefore essential for the prospective developer. In order[…]

Strategies to Developing an Effective Online Business

Setting up a business online alongside a credible brand calls for a considerable number of aspects to beat the competition within the comparable scope of business. Complying with these straightforward crafted tips can be the driving element which identifies how your company trademark name takes off online. 1. Invest in a concise and simple to[…]

Developing Web or Mobile Apps Is Easier Than Ever Before With Node.js

A simple and scalable web application is appreciable and essential for all, that is either from developer’s perspective or for the business person to promote business easily. As a perfect solution, node.js happens to be the right platform which is built on Chrome’s JavaScript run time. As it is open source, uses an event-driven non-blocking[…]