Distributor of Device Servers & Serial to USB modules

We are an independent franchised distributor of M2M components and devices including energy harvesting modules, serial to WiFi components, modules and devices, serial to Ethernet modules and devices, serial to USB modules and components modules and device servers. These are widely used in the medical, building automation, energy monitoring and industrial automation sectors.Over the last[…]

Android Tablets -Most sought after device for Work and Play!

Nobody has ever imagined before, that there can be such a device, which will look like a slate, and will make wonders! Truly, tablets have gained much of popularity in past two years, and with the advent of Android tablet scenario of tech-era has been changed drastically. Android operating system comes with lots of benefits,[…]

1TB External Hard Drive: The Ultimate Home Storage Device

With the technology becoming more affordable and accessible, more and more people have started using it extensively. The use of cameras and camcorders to capture almost every event and tour that one takes is next to a necessity today. With so much of data being created external hard drives are great solutions. Even among them[…]

Aviation Service , Economic development , High voltage Device maintenance , aircraft acquisition

Tachyon International Incorporated works in economic development worldwide and across industries promoting private, public and social sectors. TII can provide accurate sound advice on the technical, financial, environmental, legal and other critical aspects of infrastructure development projects. In addition, TII offers technical assistance that supports legal and regulatory reform related to commercial activities and infrastructure[…]