The Value of External Website Monitoring

Everyone understands that website downtime has a negative affect on business. The impact can be minor if the downtime is limited and the affected website is associated with a less significant part of the business. Or, the impact can be catastrophic if the downtime is extended and the affected website is critical to business operations,[…]

Implementing Internal and/or External Oracle Clouds

To successfully plan, design, deploy and support an internal and/or external Oracle Cloud, an infrastructure assessment (IA) and gap analysis (GA) should be performed to match the customer’s business needs with the Oracle Cloud architecture and operational support structure. While implementing an internal and/or external Oracle Cloud, you should consider many aspects like broad network[…]

1TB External Hard Drive: The Ultimate Home Storage Device

With the technology becoming more affordable and accessible, more and more people have started using it extensively. The use of cameras and camcorders to capture almost every event and tour that one takes is next to a necessity today. With so much of data being created external hard drives are great solutions. Even among them[…]

What You Need To Know About Western Digital External Hard Drive

Western Digital is a great company that is one of the top creators of new gadgets and the like. They have made many notable releases, and one of their most popular kinds of gadgets would have to be their models of Western Digital external hard drive sets. They have a lot of different models, and[…]

Differences between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drives

The present world is crazy for the devices with high speed as speedy technology has become the core of the world. With advancements in everyday life, everything people wishes to be of hyper speed whether it’s iPhones and computers or iPods and internet.  More Storage Capacity in USB 3.0 Those days have gone when a[…]