Yahoo Web Hosting and 5 Great Features That Are Included Free

Are you looking for a reliable Web hosting company that gives you more than other companies? There are a lot of web hosting companies to choose from but they offer wildly different pricing plans and services. Some hosting companies offer free basic service, but you need to sign up for a monthly plan in order[…]

Choosing a Web Hosting Provider: Features to Look for

Copyright (c) 2012 Virgie Rasmussen If you want to launch online business you will need to create a website on which you will describe services or products you offer. To make your website available on the Internet you will need to find a reliable webhosting company. In other words, anyone who has a website whether[…]

Domain and hosting features needed for a website.

A domain name is your address on the internet world. Domain names are used in URLs to name particular Web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain it belongs to. There are only a limited number of such[…]

Key Features of EAI Software

EAI software for short is the new advancement in field of integration technology. EAI is the conception of healthy and stylish business solutions by uniting applications using universal middleware and other feasible technologies. EAI software connects all of the enterprise’s business information and communication between various database sources in a secure way. Key features of[…]

Features and service comparison between Cloud Computing companies

Cloud Computing companies like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Rackspace, Joyent, IBM Softlayer, etc are into the $ 110 billion cloud infrastructure market space. In addition to Infrastructure service, they are also into PaaS ( Platform as a Service ) and SaaS ( Software as a service ). These companies have developed their capabilities and expertise[…]

Six eCommerce Platform Features Your Website Probably Missed

Online shopping is a great experience that every consumer will not deny. Why hate online shopping when you can get all the items you need in just a few clicks and swipes without moving from your cozy couch? In fact, it removes all the stresses and hassles that shopping may bring you when you shop[…]

State-of-the-art Features of the Online Payroll Application

There is no doubt in the fact that online payroll software applications and have been proven to be the most effective and efficient way of managing the “Payroll dynamics” of any organization. There are a number of features and highlights associated with this mode of management. You must be aware of the common features such[…]

Discover the Features of Used and Refurbished Cisco WAN Routers: A Summary

A WAN (wide area network) router facilitates the actual transmission of multiple data streams between a company’s enterprise site and its branch sites, that use smaller capacity branch routers. It is also utilized to blend traffic from numerous branch models which can be located in just a single location. As well as facilitating numerous data[…]

Test Automation Tools – Key Features

Today test automation tools are in high-demand because of the large number of testing projects that are running in every software organization. New technological advancements have brought in advanced features in these tools. In any regular software setup, each project has its own test team that carries our QA and QC activities. Many projects may[…]

Important Features and Major Components of Mainframe Architecture

Mainframes are equipped with many powerful components to store huge data sets and perform complex and high volume business operations accurately and quickly. In this article, let us discuss about mainframe architecture, its features and components. What is architecture?An architecture is a combination of different components or a set of defined rules/instructions used to develop[…]

Domain Registration: Understanding Its Process, Features and Benefits

When we speak of to domain name registration, it is considered to be an extremely important step taken to have your own domain name registered and become active on the web. Additionally, while business owners/individuals register their domain through professional registrars then no other business/individual can use that domain name. Business owners and individuals actually[…]

Some Top Features of an Office Network

There are many benefits associated with having a computer office network, regardless of whether you are ready to implement electronic medical records (EMR) or not. For example, what begins as a casual suggestion from a staff person can blossom into a practice-wide protocol which improves overall productivity. A committee comprised of important staff and IT[…]

Functions and Features Of 500-202 Cisco Certification Exam

Overview: 500-202, Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobile Unlicensed Small Cell Solutions is basically designed for the ease of engineers and technicians who implement Cisco service providers and Cisco mobile unlicensed small cell. The basic contents of 500-202, implementing Cisco service provider mobile unlicensed small cell solutions are to Implement Cisco service provider, to manage the[…]

Cloud Computing: The Advantages And Features

Cloud computing can be defined as the internet and central remote servers based technology to maintain the data and applications. In simple terms, one can say, it is the grid of compute utilities. Cloud is a metaphor used for internet services in flowcharts or diagrams. One can access these applications with ease from anywhere through[…]