Cloud Storage Solutions – Effectively Combating the Exponential Growth of Data

With data growing at an exponential rate, it is essential for every business to keep in mind the key parameters to reduce their TCO and to make their storage solution affordable, manageable and be able to extract value from their stored data. A Gartner survey found that nearly 46% of business data is stored outside[…]

Network Infrastructure Services – Maintaining Steady Growth Rate With Regular Upgrading

Most modern offices and organization depend on intricate communication systems based on latest technologies and networks to ensure uninterrupted progress of their business. Generally, organizations start small by installing only the most basic types of networks and technologies which would ensure a smooth running of the business during the initial phases. Then as the business[…]

Reasons Storage Level Is Crucial For Businesses Growth

The idea of having the services of cloud server hosting is pivotal for any business to succeed. It allows a company to access state-of-the-art technology at low rates. The same cannot be said for those using stand-alone servers. The services are provided to clients at very reasonable rates. The speed and security of data is[…]

Advanced Motors and Drives AMD Safeguards Continued Growth and Evolving Product Line with StorTrends

NORCROSS, GA, July 08, 2015 – StorTrends®, the world’s proven leader in all-flash arrays (AFA), hybrid storage, and spinning disk solutions, today announced that Advanced Motors and Drives (AMD), a premier designer and manufacturer of customized motors for battery-powered vehicles, has deployed a StorTrends high-performance storage area network (SAN) across its primary and remote backup[…]

Microsoft Cloud Computing- Crucial tool for sustainable business growth

Cloud computing increases the IT department’s contribution to innovations and corporate strategies.Financial experts also believe that cloud computing outsourcing provides more benefits than traditional outsourcing. Cloud computing is of two kinds: public clouds and private clouds.Public cloud hosting refers to offering services over the Internet, whereas private cloud hosting refers to the deployment of cloud[…]

Software Pricing: Getting Back to Growth

Software vendors are rapidly running out of room to grow organically. Enterprise software players are boxed in by increasingly budget-conscious buyers and by their own entrenched culture of deep-discounting. Vendors of packaged software are battling runaway SKU complexity and channel partners’ demands. And both groups are still grappling with software-as-a-service model – as both threat[…]

Blade Servers can enhance the business growth

In IT industry, most of the companies are facing troubles in storing their important data. As it contains the confidential information of the enterprise, it is important to store and maintain the data securely for longer years. Usually, servers are the essential infrastructure devices for any industry to manage the data and provide network connections.[…]

Telecom Wireless Data Market To Increase at Steady Growth Rate

Consumers are demanding consistent access to numerous online services, which is pushing mobile data usage up by 35-40% annually. Wireless network operators, while deploying 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), are freeing up or enhancing data and voice capacity on their 2G and 3G networks as well. Enterprise buyers and consumers are finding service plan structures,[…]