DNS Hosted Services

What does “DNS” stand for in the internet world? It stands for “Domain Name System”. Used in finding the page a person is researching or looking for on the web. There are a lot of companies that provide this service for DNS owners, some are free services and some are monthly charges. The first company[…]

Whether You Need A WordPress Hosted Website, Or You Can Buy A Domain And Point It To WordPress.Com

WordPress.com allows you to create a website on its own domain name for free. That is, you can have your own website on a sub-domain. This is a very easy way to set up the website, and update it with the most recent scripts, and have the most recent themes etc. The biggest disadvantage is[…]

The difference between hosted intranet and in-house storage

During the initial phase of the intranet planning process for an organization, the options of external intranet hosting and in-house web server should be given requisite considerations. An intranet system generally stores on a web server (a computer that provides access to authorized users all over). It provides access using any one of the following[…]

Advantages from hosted knowledge base for a business

It is not necessary that every businessman must be endowed with the technical knowledge required to maintain a portal. However, this cannot stand between him and his idea of success. A solution comes in the form of hosted knowledge base software. The service provider in this case takes care of all technical issues like installations,[…]

Taking Advantage of Hosted Cloud Computing Services

More and more small and medium sized enterprises are looking for more affordable ways on how they will be able to keep up with their competitors. To be able to have that competitive edge, these SME’s will need the help of technology. Since cloud hosting has been one of the technologies that people are talking[…]

How To Pass M2010-760, IBM Hosted SaaS – Entry Sales Mastery v1

Keeping up with the rituals, IBM once again has come up with a support certification for their software “Mastery”. This certification is specially designed for personnel interested in operating IBM MASTERY. IBM is emerging as one of the most recognized entity in certificate business. It’s high range of certification programs have received a very good[…]

Increase Sales With A Hosted Predictive Dialler

Every kind of business needs to be proactive in the search for new customers. They cannot afford to stand still. Sales will never just roll in. One of the most effective ways to reach out and find new leads is through outbound telephone marketing. Even in this, the Internet age, telesales still produces impressive results.[…]

M2010-760, IBM Hosted SaaS – Entry Sales Mastery v1 Certification

These days, it is a must for professionals to possess a certification. This is because the competition in the IT sector is very rampant. As a matter of fact, even in other industries today if you don’t have the right capabilities, it would be hard for you to make it or stand out. That is[…]

Hosted MS SQL Server and Its Benefits

MS SQL Server is a complete database server and information platform which provides an inclusive set of professionally appropriate technologies and tools. These tools and technologies help people to derive the maximum output from information at the least total-cost-of-ownership. It raises the efficiency and dexterity of IT departments, and quickly build elastic and innovative applications.[…]

Benefits that a business gets from hosted knowledgebase software

Every businessman is not endowed with the technical knowledge required to maintain a portal. However, this in no way stands between him and the success of his idea. The solution obviously is hosted knowledgebase software. Service providers take care of all the technical stuff like installation, backups, updates, security and everything else, such that the[…]

Complete commerce management solution Sage 50 hosted

Sage 50 is ideal accounting software solution for SMEs. Its runs and operates for businesses as SaaS application which means software as a service. The application software marketed by Sage serves customers and their enterprises to manage and operate their trades. The manual operation of accounts and payroll which has been operated by accountants, bookkeepers[…]

Virtual private server hosting and hosted virtual desktops can save you some “not virtual” money

Mankind can never stop using the aid of computers as he is so accustomed to it. The business giants have achieved such great heights because they have been able to reach out to mass numbers through the internet. If you are starting up a small business with the same dream, it is better to follow[…]