Create A Separate Identity On The Internet And Prosper Like Never Before!

With over a billion people accessing the Internet from all over the world, over 25 million domain names already registered and thousands of new ones being registered daily – it is no wonder that many people are finding out that their actual names are no longer available as domains on the Internet. Even relatively obscure[…]

Is It Legal To Mask The Domain Name Owner’s Identity In The WHOIS Information?

Domain Name Ownership Privacy has been a hot topic recently. Many domain name owners user third party “Privacy Protection” or “Proxy Registration” services to mask their true identity. Domain Name Privacy is like having an unlisted phone number, which is not available in any telephone directory or online database. This means that by doing a[…]

Domain Name: The Identity Of A Website In The Virtual World

A domain name is the identity of a product over the internet. It shows their autonomy and authorization over the virtual world. If your domain name is simple and precise it also helps establish your brand. Therefore, millions of domain names are bought and sold everyday. So it is a good practice to register your[…]