A Brief Introduction For Domain Names, Web Servers And Web Hosting

Are you a new comer into the wide arena of IT and hoping to begin a career in website designing? To get you started, in this article I will give you a short introduction on the technical things you need to know. Basically, the web is a group of interconnected computers communicating to each other.[…]

An Introduction To Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is a service which is increasingly being offered by web design & marketing agencies who are responding to the demand for easy access to shared IT services over the web. These hosted services include software, content and data storage which are then accessed from a variety of devices including laptops, servers, mobile phones[…]

Introduction to Bulk Domain Purchasing

The domain name is the unique name that helps the online community to easily identify the desired internet site. The unique domain name that comes in product-distinct parts and is separated by dots enables the businessman or private individual to maintain a face in the otherwise faceless online web world. Today, the procedure involved for[…]

Introduction to DNS (Domain Name System)

In this world, everything is possible by machines and devices. Major role is done by Internet. With an internet connection, anybody can get relevant information regarding anything from anywhere. Various websites having different web pages are available over the internet. You just need to enter a question or enter a website’s name and then you[…]

An Introduction To A Domain Name

A domain is a name identifying IP addresses on the internet. The domain name Yahoo.com represents about fifteen (15) IP addresses. Domain names are used to identify Web pages. For example, in the URL http://www.gohome.com/index.html, the domain name is gohome.com. You register a domain name by registering with a domain name services registrar. The domain[…]

Introduction of Shipping Software and SaaS

IntroductionShipping software solutions automate the process for manufacturers or fulfillment organizations from packaging, shipment processing, tracking and tracing to invoice editing. The system delivers shipping and logistics processing, export compliance, and customer service functionality in one integrated application, all from the convenience of a desktop PC. Shipping software solutions on web portals, can be accessed[…]