Domain Name Investment – Learn How to Make Tons of Money Today!

If before, people used to invest in real estate, today, there is a cyber version of this: domain name investment. A domain name is your very own place in the internet, and today, as the internet attracts more and more people, there is also a widespread interest in claiming a space in the internet, to[…]

Investment Research Firm Bullish on Cloud Computing Prospects

Gartner is a leading investment research company and they have recently published a report on cloud computing and the financial impact for investors. Gartner’s research predicts a growth in the global cloud computing market to USD $ 148 billion by 2014 with exponential growth in revenues. Growth predictions for 2010 are much closer to home[…]

Cloud In Finance – Will Investment Banks Outsource Risk Calculations?

Who would be an investment banker? Particularly over the last couple of years, investment banks have been through a really tough time, although things are starting to look better for them now. The investment banks who have actually done better than their competitors through the financial crises have done so primarily because of their technology[…]

Ever considered buying domain names for investment

If you are one of the many individuals who have wondered about the future of domain names, and how it might be a viable investment opportunity, you will be surprised as to the amount of potential this area of investment has. Trading domain names is currently a growing industry, and if you get the formula[…]