4 Common Issues You May Face When Transferring A Domain Name

Everyone is a bit resistant to change, due to the uncertainties and surprises that it may bring upon us. We prefer sticking to our old providers and vendors, even if they maybe exploiting and fleecing us. Not everyone can afford to take the brave step of switching their domain name to a new provider, especially[…]

New Company Naming Trap: Be Mindful of Font Issues For Internet Era Business Names

One week in my Marketing Minute newsletter I mentioned the company name “The Muse Is In” in the format of its domain name, TheMuseIsIn.com. If your email arrives in what’s called a serif font, that would have made perfect sense. The capital I’s in “Is” and “In” would have little horizontal tops and feet on[…]

Profitable Apps and Privacy Issues: 3 Quick Tips to Make Sure You’re Not Fined $800,000 or any amount for that matter…

“Your apps are suppose to make you money, get you recognition and make life a little easier for the end user-not get you fined $ 800,000. It’s been all over the internet that the makers of the Path social networking app will pay a civil penalty to settle U.S. Federal Trade Commission charges that it[…]

Issues When Looking For Top Web Hosting Companies

There are many wrong ideas in selecting the correct Top web hosting companies. Picking the right one is a very significant procedure that needs preparation and a thorough knowledge on what top web hosting is all about. Pick top web hosting companies since this step is mainly one of the vital ingredients of introducing marketing[…]

Important Issues To Remember Before Buying An Expired Domain Name

Buying expired domains is a tricky topic! You will need to be very careful while buying an expired domain because many of these domains may have some problems associated with their registration. There have been instances when the previous owner decided to approach the legal authorities to reclaim their expired domains. While you need to[…]

Issues To Do With Web Hosting And How To Sign Up For A Domain

The internet has become an indispensable tool for many, both individuals and businesses. Nowadays there are countless websites online, and several more are being created each day. Some create their own website, whereas others hire the services of professional web designers to do the job. Apart from designing the site one will also have to[…]

Find The Best Sources Of Professional Information On Cloud Computing Security Issues

The cloud computing security issues have experienced a larger growth since most business institutions have mange to invest into them from the recent periods. Most of these people however have been very doubtful whether the cloud can perfectly seal their vital business information without experiencing any leakage. These investments are growing and improving in a[…]

Scope of Data Recovery Services for Specific PC Issues

Accidental deletion or theft or misplace of important documents is enough for losing peaceful night’s sleep. While running a business organization or working as a self-employed, it is necessary to keep the data secure and out-of-reach of all the unauthorized users. Most commonly, the data is inaccessible on the hard drive due to system crash[…]