Know Which Domain Name Is Available For The Business Website Through Whois Lookup API Database

Every website has its particular domain name or let’s say it in simple word their particular name or web address. A business owner or any person who wants to introduce their website over the web should first lookup for the desired website name availability over the web. This could be done with the help of[…]

Know the Functionality of Domain Parking Software

If you own several parked domain sites, organizing and keeping track of them all for affiliate marketing purposes can sound like a daunting task. If you use domain parking software, however, you will have the opportunity to sort through several parked domains on a single screen. The software will display the content that is contained[…]

How to Know if You Need a Dedicated IP Address for Your Website?

When it comes to web hosting, most website owners go for shared hosting, as it serves most of their needs in hosting their site within their budgets. However, a dedicated hosting account offers certain advantages over shared hosting. However, it is costlier. Most importantly, your website will be having dedicated resources like server space, an[…]

The Hosting Service Checklist, Four Essential Things to know When Choosing a Hosting Service

So you have your business, and looking to move online…. now what? The next step in the process is looking for a hosting service, and if you are new to the game, it can be like trying to find a game trail in the middle of the summer, not easy. Luckily for you, we have[…]

Everything You Need to Know about Red Hat Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is term used for the service that delivers hosted services through internet. The base of Cloud computing is basically shared service and converged infrastructure. It helps in sharing of resources making it cost effective over a network. With the popularity of Cloud computing, different users have the opportunity to access only one server[…]

Cloud servers are more efficient than traditional servers, know how?

Are you facing issues with processing power? Do you need high capacity storage devices to store the data? Do you want to enhance the storage efficiency? Then, choose for the latest technologies and devices that can implement new changes in your organization to augment the performance and growth. These days, IT industry is leading with[…]

All you need to know about IT system infrastructure in Sri Lanka

What is IT system infrastructure? Having a manageable IT system infrastructure is imperative in the smooth running of any business. IT infrastructure is a general term that encompasses all IT assets, such as hardware, software, networks, data, facilities, servers, components, systems, applications and resources, that are required to develop, test, deliver and support IT systems[…]

What You Should Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing – What Is It All About?The terminology ‘Cloud Computing’ originated back in the year 2007. The term ‘cloud’ is basically a metaphor which is used to explain the Web. Thus, it can be explained simply as computing (services, storage, applications, etc.) residing over the Web which the users get connected to. For instance,[…]

The Domain Rule For Online Business: What You Need To Know

Law involving domain names occur during the making of trademark arguments, cyber-squatting and similar issues. It is vital for any company to have an intelligent commercial plan regarding their trademarks and domain names. Normally, a registration of a domain name is inexpensive and fast. The country is represented in the suffix of the Top Level[…]