New Generic Top Level Domains And What They Mean For You

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the agency that gives out all the domain names. In early 2012, they made a decision that might change the Internet landscape forever. They’re offering new generic top level domains (GTLDs). If you don’t know much about domain names, these are commonly called suffixes. For[…]

HH0-240 Hitachi Data Systems Certified Implementer – entry level Enterprise

The target audience of this HH0-240, Hitachi Data Systems Certified Implementer – entry level Enterprise exam is basically the Hitachi Data Systems partners and employees. Implementers should have high knowledge and skills when it comes to using and deploying the HDS hardware and software products that are involved in storage solutions implementations.The requirements for this[…]

How Affiliate Marketing Aids Your Business to Grow to the Next Level”

PreludeThe internet has certainly changed our panorama of communication. It has provided plenty of opportunity for industrialists to pursue business in profitable rhythm. But more importantly, it has given everyone a chance to business. In the digital marketing part, Affiliate Marketing also known as performance marketing has become one of the most significant tools for[…]

Top Level Domain Names

Domain names for top level domains are often difficult to find for a reasonable price. This is because domain names that are at the top are often reserved for major corporations. These names may also be reserved for other organizations, or even upcoming television shows. In some situations, there are individuals who do ‘prospecting’ of[…]

Buying a Top Level Domain Name – Some Ideas and Suggestions

Of late, it is getting increasingly harder to choose and buy a top-level domain name. It is also very difficult to find a top-level name that relates directly to the theme and subject of your web site. People who are looking forward to buy a top-level name work hard to find a suitable name often[…]

Your basic guide to generic top level domain names

The Internet is no longer simply a means of communication and information; today it is driving social trends, and if you have a business website, you would be familiar with the importance of gaining online visibility in the vast digital space. Take your web domain name for example. Does it end with .com, .net, or[…]