Domain Name & Web Hosting Guide – Why You Need a Dependable Companion?

This article reveals the importance of choosing the right domain name & a hosting company. DOMAIN NAME In our brick & mortar world you can distinguish a business from its structure, signs and window display. You can easily tell that a bank is a bank and a clothing store a clothing store. On the internet[…]

Domain Name Price Increase – Knowing When It’s Time To Migrate To Cheaper Domain Registrar

A domain name is one of the most important aspects of an Internet business. For Internet marketers, they may own hundreds or even thousands of domain names. This is because most web marketers have more than one web site earning money for them. Some marketers buy domain just to be able to sell them at[…]

Domain Name Suggestions – Selecting the Right Name for Your Website

When you set up a website, your internet identity is based on the domain names you choose. If you choose the wrong name, it could end up hurting your website. What can you do to ensure you choose the best possible web address? Follow these important tips as you make this important decision. Check Out[…]

Web Hosting Tips, Choosing Your Website’s Domain Name

You might be under the impression that it’s difficult to find good domain names that are available for purchase, but that’s not necessarily true. That may have been true several years ago when domains names were limited to 22 characters or less, but since this limit was raised to 63 characters it’s very possible to[…]

“Domain Name Spying”-The Latest Technique In Domain Name Sabotage

If you are a new business owner, you likely have spent a good deal of time trying to determine what domain name will be best for your operations. To this end, you may have taken the steps necessary to determine the availability of a particular name. In fact, finding that it is available may have[…]

Hosting Tips, Steps To Follow To Choose And Register Your Own Domain Name

The way to register a domain name is by signing up with a service that provides domain names called a registrar. ICANN is the main organization that provides standards and procedures for domain name registrars to be certified. The master database domains that are on InterNIC servers can only be accessed and modified by a[…]

Combating Cyber-Squatting and Other Domain Name Maladies: An Overview of UDRP Proceedings

Businesses that are working to establish an easily identifiable Internet presence oftentimes utilize their trademarks in their domain names in order to better direct customers to their website venues. Unfortunately, disputes many times occur when a business learns that some other individual or entity is using that enterprise’s trademark or something very similar in such[…]

A domain name is an identification label

A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet. Domain names are also hostnames that identify Internet Protocol (IP) resources such as web sites. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain names are used in[…]