Tips To Grab Expired Domains Through Back Ordering Process- Part II

Back ordering is an important process of acquiring a domain, and hundreds of traders are using this technique to purchase domain names of choice. Available reports suggest that there are more than 1000 different domain name registrars and most of them are actively engaged in back ordering processes that relate to domains that are expiring.[…]

Selling Your Expired Domains On Auction Sites – Unexplained Secrets And Tips (Part II)

Selling your expired domains on auction sites is quite easy provided you learn and master the fundamental aspects of auction process. Quite a few number of auction sites allow you to sell your expired domains for a low set up and auction fee. Good domains can sell like hot cakes on these sites while the[…]

Selling Your Expired Domains – Unexplained Secrets And Tips (Part I)

When it comes to expired domain names business, you have a number of options of making money and gain in the process. Several methods and techniques allow you to create a constant stream of ongoing income that can take care of all domain maintenance costs. As a domain name trader, you may wish to know[…]

Tips To Grab Expired Domains Through Back Ordering Process- Part I

In general, domain expiry and deletion cycle is a different process with different registrars and domain name registers. It is a well known fact that a number of registrars enter into partnership with different domain auctioning services. Before a domain name expires, the registrars will keep it in an expired status for 35 days. Under[…]

Inkjet Cartridges, Laser Toner Cartridges: How to start an Online Business from Home Part 1

About a year ago I took over an existing online business from a friend of mine selling ink, toner and other printing consumables and decided that there was a lot of potential for promoting the website more aggressively over the internet. I started with maybe a hundred dollars or so and a handful of customers[…]

Expired Domain Market – Realities and Perceptions (Part II)

Expired domain market can make you immensely rich when you strike it right. Many newbie traders think that this business is all about buying a domain at very cheap price and later selling it at very high prices. However, the actual reality is something else! Your domain is actually useless unless it is one of[…]

Expired Domain Market – Realities And Perceptions (Part I)

Expired domain market offers you several advantages and benefits of making money out of expired or expiring domain names. This business is unique in a sense that it originates from using something that is considered dead and wastage by a number of people. It is almost like a product recycling market where wastage products are[…]

Buying Profitable Expired Domain Names – Part II

Buying an expired domain is an intricate and cumbersome process, when you do not know the fundamentals and techniques of expired domain name industry. Buying a domain expired domain name is a busy activity, when you apply your mind and intelligence to choose and later buy the most profitable domain name. However, understanding the intricate[…]

Expert Advice for Start Ups by Leaders of the Business World – Part 2

The chief executive of, Hayley Parsons says that amongst the most important things a new business can invest in is a strong team. He advises businessmen against having weak links in the team at the initial stage. To succeed, a business needs a team that can grow and evolve along with the business. Also,[…]

Misconceptions of Cloud Service Debunked – Part One

People who aren’t familiar with cloud computing will hear many stories of how it is unsafe and unreliable from both family and friends. However, the people who spread this rumours, usually have never even used cloud themselves. In fact, using a cloud service such as Concept or Private Cloud, from North East Cloud, can really[…]

Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting – Part 2: Performance

The second instalment of this series of posts looking at how cloud hosting platforms match up to traditional dedicated hosting platforms focusses on a number of issues which businesses look for in a package, including reliability, flexibility and responsiveness. TimelyFor both the provider and the consumer there are considerable differences between cloud and dedicated in[…]

How To Backorder For A Domain Name – Part II

As an expired domain trader looking for a good domain name, you may face a number of difficulties and challenges like fierce competition, lightening quick registration by your competitors and exorbitantly higher buying prices. To avoid all these hassles and to buy very good domain names, you can use a number of domain backordering models[…]