How a Person Can Choose the Right Server Hosting Plan

There are millions of internet users around the word and the numbers are ever increasing. Today it has become one of the main sources of information, knowledge, entertainment, etc. If you are expecting to become an online entrepreneur, you need to attract customers online. In other words, you need to run a website that is[…]

Wedding Website & App for Creative Brides and Grooms to share, plan and connect with a World of Wedding companies.

BigDayBliss is set to be the first service of its kind, offering a free social gateway for Brides and Grooms to share, plan and connect with local, national and worldwide network of wedding companies. Unlike anything else on the market, BigDayBliss will incorporate an award-winning Website and App, providing companies selling wedding products free and[…]

How to Plan a Promotional Marketing Campaign

A promotional campaign is the most important aspect of marketing, especially during product advocacy and its launching. It is also considered crucial for market expansion to a new demographic or vertical. During planning, marketers should keep in consideration that the promotional message must be easily understandable, attractive and effective enough to indulge customers while leading[…]

What’s Your Backup Plan for Customer Data?

Is it possible for you to wake up and find that your entire customer base is completely gone? Speaking in terms of your customer database, the possibility is very real and also true for employee records, payment history, electronic documents, etc. While just about everyone has experienced the sinking feeling of realizing that an important[…]