Profitable Apps and Privacy Issues: 3 Quick Tips to Make Sure You’re Not Fined $800,000 or any amount for that matter…

“Your apps are suppose to make you money, get you recognition and make life a little easier for the end user-not get you fined $ 800,000. It’s been all over the internet that the makers of the Path social networking app will pay a civil penalty to settle U.S. Federal Trade Commission charges that it[…]

Quick Internet Identities – Buying An Established Domain Name

Being part of the internet revolution has become a fundamental part of millions of businesses and individuals all over the world. It is sometimes hard to remember a time when you couldn’t tap into this huge resource at will. For those that have a web presence the registration of a domain name would have been[…]

Choosing Domain Names – 5 Quick Tips on How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name can help you in your business. In this article, we shall go through 5 tips on how to choose a good domain name. Tip 1: Choose a Meaningful Domain Name If you are selling health supplements, you should choose “healthsupplements dot com” instead of “ilovepizza dot com” for obvious reason.[…]

Easebuzz – Freelancer’s favorite platform to sell easy & quick

Easebuzz is a simple and easy to use platform for Freelancers or individual sellers. The objective of this platform is to enable easy payment solutions and provide “Online platform” to every individual seller so that they can sell their products online. Easebuzz has been started by Rohit Prasad & Vikram kumar who passed out in[…]